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Postby slickbone » 03 May 2017, 22:02

Hi all!

Absolutely gutted one of my KRK VXT 6 has gone caput! I haven’t had any problems up until now. Only had them just over 2 years from new.

They were working fine when I came home from work, switched them off went downstairs to make dinner, came back switched them on and noticed the left speaker’s KRK logo was not illuminated.

Turned everything off and on again and no luck. I tried to fault find the problem. This is what I did.

1. Swapped the power cables going into the KRK from the one that was working. Result KRK logo not illuminated. Therefore fuse and power cable was ok.
2. Took out the fuse from the offending speaker and saw it had not blown. Anyway there is a spare in there so changed it and again no light on the KRK logo.
3. I also plugged the speaker into a different socket in the house again no light.
4. The auto mute function on the speaker is off and has never been turned on so that is also ruled out as problematic.

I’m now looking for a repair centre to get it diagnosed and fixed. I can’t believe this has happened on a KRK monitor just only 2 years old!

Volumes used have been very low as I have them in a small box room so I haven’t ruined them by pushing them.

Has anyone else has issues with KRK VXT’s like this before?

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