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Postby Shaoshi » 27 Oct 2016, 17:32

Can someone explain to me the difference between these genres lol? They seem to have a lot in common and have similar bpms.
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Postby noiseshock_of » 28 Oct 2016, 14:58

new to the terror scene but my 2c
i find the biggest difference in the kickdrum. while uptempo is heavily distorted using a lot of mid frequencies and a very specific 'bouncy' sound, the terror kickdrum is way closer to older gabber kicks. also, terror uses a lot of hihat kind of percussion while uptempo is more synthetic
hmu if u agree
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Postby Shaoshi » 28 Oct 2016, 20:50

Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking, uptempo seems to have a loud punch which gives a bouncy sound like you're saying. It seems like terror occasionally has wide stereo kicks which is interesting.
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