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Feedback on my first mix

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Postby Emre » 14 Aug 2016, 16:04

Hey guys, so I've been hobby mixing for a short while now (and for like 2-3 weeks seriously now), and I wanted to hear your feedback on my first mix. It is far from perfect, there are quite some errors. Also, I didn't know the tracks in and out before I started recording, just selected a few tracks I liked and just started recording so keep that in mind too :+

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this mix and I totally agree it's not perfect but I'm immensely motivated to get as good as I can with DJ'ing, so critique is welcome, as long as I can learn from it! :D


1. Pulsatorz - Triad (Trap Edit)
2. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Rebel (2014 Edit)
3. DJ Isaac - Bitches
4. Da Tweekaz - Tweekay16
5. TNT & Isaac - CTRL
6. The Prophet - Caramba
7. DJ Duro - Cocaine MF (Alpha² Remix)
8. Mr Puta - Green Stuff (Malua Remix)
9. Radical Redemption - Brutal 5.0
10. Re-Mind & Amentis - Insecure
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Postby Neogenesis » 14 Aug 2016, 16:39

It's a good mix overall. Great selection of tracks going from euphoric to raw. As a whole your mixing is pretty decent.. It's in beat and it flows.

If an average joe was listening, they wouldn't be able to spot errors. It'd be cool to play around with your filters during transitions to smooth some of them out (i.e. brutal to insecure) and make sure your gains are equal so it doesn't sound too overpowering (green stuff to brutal).

Keep it up!
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