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Interview Q-Dance with B-Front about his X-Qlusive

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Postby Nightstalker » 04 Dec 2015, 16:46

Source: Q-Dance


Energy, atmosphere, passion and a deep-rooted love for hardstyle – that’s what B-Front stands for. On the 30th of January, at the Heineken Music Hall, he displays a journey through the different phases of his career. And he wants you to join him. We met up with B-Front at his studio to see what’s going on inside this artist’s head. Read about the plans and enthusiastic character of this fresh X-Qlusive member.

Take us back to the moment. You heard the news, what was your initial reaction?
“The moment I got the news can only be described as ‘bizarre’. I think I’ve mentioned this particular word about twenty times that day. I was completely flabbergasted, didn’t know what happened to me. Besides hardstyle, there have been many big bands and vocalists that performed at the Heineken Music Hall. And suddenly you have the honor to stand there too – Bob van der Palen from Veldhoven. You start as an eight year old kid making music and twenty years later you host your own event together with Q-dance. The best thing is that I can share this night with my family, friends and colleagues.”

This includes you in an illustrious and exclusive list of artists. Did you expect to become part of it at this stage of your journey?
“As a matter of fact, I didn’t expect there to be another artist-based X-Qlusive at all. Mainly because all the big guys have had their edition. Apart from that, I never had envisioned that I would be the chosen one. Firstly, because I don’t profile myself as a major artist. I still see myself as the underdog. Plus, I can be considered as a bit harder in terms of style. But when it turns out that you become part of the list of artists that have hosted an X-Qlusive, it’s just massive. Maybe it’s because of the down to earth and modest characteristics which are typical for people from Brabant. Others can tell how they see you, yet I will never say that I’m the best or that I deserve this. Though, when you hear it coming from all corners, I can only say that it’s the crowning glory of my career.”

What kind of direction and structure are you planning to give to your X-Qlusive?
“I want to highlight the progress of my career. It will feel like time travelling through everything I’ve done. You will see the people I started out with and the people with whom I’ve built towards the point I’m at now. You will hear tracks that fit the respective periods. I’m planning to play all the older and newer tracks I’ve produced, though it will be hard to cover everything. The idea is to select the tracks that had the biggest impact at that time. I want to show myself, and of course the collabs with the guys who join me on stage will pass in review. To open my X-Qlusive, I’ve asked Jones and Luna because of the connection I have with both of them. Expect full-on early hardstyle. Part of the line-up in the main area will be 2-Sidez, since I’ve done a lot under that name during a period of time. To perform in the Heineken Musical Hall together with Jaimy [Pulse] is just great. He went completely nuts when he heard the news and I’m glad that I can do this for him. Moreover, there will be an A² Records section as I’ve done their second and third release. And, of course, B-Frontliner. I have a special chemistry with Barry in the studio as well as on a personal level, which allows us to operate like a machine. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I think we haven’t produced a bad track together. For my period at Fusion Records, there will be a section consisting of Zany, Donkey Rollers and The Pitcher. Zany is my biggest hero. I’ve always looked up to him a lot, which makes it even more special that I finally follow in his footsteps, also because of this X-Qlusive. I chose Donkey Rollers because I think their records are insane. The Pitcher just needs to be part of it, a true icon in the hardstyle scene. Then we’ll move to the Roughstate phase, the label I’m currently based at. We’ll show you what we’re up to these days with a lot of new tracks. The closing section is with High Voltage. I selected him because he brings in an original sound. High Voltage will also perform as Nosferatu because I personally love to kick it up a notch. Pedal to the metal when we’re nearing the end. Maybe I’ll even pick the last record. Who knows, right? I spoke to all colleagues and each one of them is super enthusiastic. Most of all, I’ll make sure to enjoy it, from the first to the very last minute.”

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? In other words, why should they absolutely attend your X-Qlusive?
“I just hope the people are excited to attend this awesome night and to share it with me. I definitely won’t let anyone down and I’m sure that all who join will have an intense blast. X-Qlusive will give you an insight in what B-Front is like and what Bob is like. There will be a taste of everything, yet with the accent on the rougher sounds. Music is my number one passion and represents a very special feeling. I think together we’ll expose what hardstyle is capable of. It will be a night with goosebumps.”

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