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Hello from France!


Postby MadTwins » 26 Nov 2015, 16:39

Hey guys! How are you?
We are very happy to present ourself into this forum! We are a french Hardstyle duo and we produce and mixing some tracks since 3 years :one:
My name is Thomas and my partner in crime is Baptiste and we are "Mad Twins"!
Why "Mad Twins"? Because since our young ages (our 3 years) we met at school and since this day we are never separate till now and we hope it will never change. :)

So we make Hardstyle and if you want to hear our tracks or podcast (yes we have one :one: ) don't hesitate to check our social music page :

Youtube (Podcast & new preview & Aftermovie) :
Soundcloud (Tracks & Free release) :

We hope you will like our stuff and we are very open to share, produce, or juste talk with you all!

Thank you for your reading :)
Mad Twins
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