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[Composition/Music theory] my paper on algorithmic composition

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Postby zanshi » 11 Nov 2014, 15:35

Ok guys.

A lot of people have been waiting for this for aaaaages and now i can finally publish it. My first paper for my studies at SAE.
It’s become a lot more history and explaining than I thought it would be and (imho) i could have gone a LOT more into detail about how music theory works and how the actual algorithm looks like, unfortunately I was bound to keep it “short”. (lol)

I still hope a lot of you will find it worth a read and maybe get inspired to try different kinds of approaches when it comes to composition. There’s so much more to composition than just “feeling it” or hitting “random” chords and keys together.

I value science, I value art. Combining both into a (for me) extremely productive and creative(!) procedure is possibly one of my proudest achievements so far.
So here you go:

(please leave a comment or tweet/msg me if the link is down!!!!) ... n-my-essay

direct link:
"ars ex scientia"
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Postby Euphorizer » 12 Nov 2014, 00:47

Well, shit. Read it, and now I feel overwhelmed with the classic 'holy shit I know nothing' mini panic attack. I guess it's time to get going with music theory a bit more seriously now too ;)

Well written! :)
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Postby dylannn » 12 Nov 2014, 06:50

thanks for an enjoyable read on the tram home! well written. being a maths nerd that loves music but have never bothered learning music theory, this kinda stuff makes me really wish I had at some point! good job, really interesting :)
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Postby Peacekeeper » 26 May 2015, 14:20

all i can say is: wow! great paper! (L)
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Postby SCH » 26 May 2015, 19:00

Stickied and locked to keep it clean and visible for everyone :)
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