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Sidechained melodies in hardstyle tracks topic


Postby soepa » 29 Apr 2015, 12:43

I've searched for a thread like this using the search function and google as well but I didn't find anything, so I'll start this thread. I really like sidechained melodies, so I'd be happy if you could link some tracks with sidechained melodies.
I know a few already but there's probably more tracks that I don't know of. It should be used way more imo, it gives the kick more drive.

I'll start then:

It starts @ second climax.
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Postby Jeefrey » 29 Apr 2015, 12:57

Wasted Penguinz - Florida, Together (ft. Toneshifterz), Paradise is Lost
Cyber - Shadows
Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - A Different Story

btw nice topic, also like sidechained melodys
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Postby Malgranda » 29 Apr 2015, 13:05

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Postby Neko » 29 Apr 2015, 13:45

*shameless self-promo*

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Postby The Void » 29 Apr 2015, 14:29

Self promo ftw :whoop:
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Postby P.L.K » 29 Apr 2015, 14:44

Arkaine - universe of light
that track is so underrated but acutally a true musical masterpiece in my opinion _O_
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Postby ffos » 29 Apr 2015, 14:47

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Postby The Void » 29 Apr 2015, 15:08

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Postby th3r3zo » 29 Apr 2015, 21:27

2nd climax i think
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Postby typhonmusic » 29 Apr 2015, 21:53

Noisecontrollers & Wildstylez - Cats, Jets, and Breaks
Frontliner & Radical Redemption - Frontliner & Radical Redemption
Radical Redemption - God's Child
Luminite - Earthshaker
B-Front - Witch
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Postby Twixel » 29 Apr 2015, 22:17

Arkaine - Lost in Eternity maybe
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Postby BeatConductor » 30 Apr 2015, 02:07

If im not mistaken it sounds like there is side-chaining here every time there is a kick.

Just the first melody in this one though.
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