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All other music besides Hardstyle & Hardcore

Postby Lus » 03 Apr 2015, 17:48

HardBass 2012
Q-Base 2012,2013,2014
Reverze 2013
Qlimax 2013
DefQon1 NL 2014,2015, 2017
X-Qlusive Legends 2014
X-Qlusive Frontliner 2015
Emporium 2016
FreaQshow 2016
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Postby bAsher » 03 Apr 2015, 17:55

Deep Hardstyle _O_
And that example of hardstyle track :rofl:
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bAsher (27)
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Postby The Convicted » 03 Apr 2015, 18:00

No crossbreed and industrial hardcore on the list. And I have the same WTF feeling at the "hardstyle" example... seems legit :rofl:
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Postby Johnny250 » 03 Apr 2015, 18:06

I hope this is not meant to take serious but anyway this reminds me to some awesome t-shirt from Bench

EDIT: click on that double >> once you selected a genre ;) (even ScuL is listed there)
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 03 Apr 2015, 18:17

So many of the samples for the genres aren't even close to what the genre is, I want to punch whoever put this together.
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Postby Zak » 03 Apr 2015, 19:33

The idea is rich, the content is poor
In memory of Atomicoz
Audiofreq:As much as I love bleeding edge, ultra-fresh music...
There's definitely something special about hardstyle from 2006-2010....
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Postby hardstyleprem1um » 03 Apr 2015, 21:24

Cool list. Sure its not accurate and probably "beta stage 0001",but funny to see that you guys go directly to hardstyle and say "no not correct".
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Postby P.L.K » 03 Apr 2015, 21:41

"neue deutsche harte" WTF xD dat name :D :rofl: :rofl:
almost every example for the hard genres are mixed up with everything else but not what they should be actually _O- :facepalm:
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Postby Johnny250 » 04 Apr 2015, 00:10

P.L.K:"neue deutsche harte" WTF xD dat name :D :rofl: :rofl:

you never heard of that? In this case it's not a invention from the "Music Map" guys
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