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Sad news about Koldsa/Henrik

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Postby MKN » 16 Mar 2015, 14:37

Can't believe this! So sad :( :'(
Rest In Peace buddy!
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MKN (26)
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Postby Maximumraver » 16 Mar 2015, 14:56

Rest In Peace :(
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Maximumraver (31)
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Postby Matt » 16 Mar 2015, 16:04

I still remember the times when he was an active mod/member here...
Rest in peace :(
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Matt (26)
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Postby Neko » 16 Mar 2015, 16:42

Damn, really shocking news!! My condolences for the family :'(
Awesome guy, he leaves a deep hole in the scene, he surely will be missed!
Formerly known as Maneki Neko
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Neko (28)
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Postby NICK9656 » 16 Mar 2015, 17:03

I'm shocked... I never met him personally, but I know him mainly from Fear.FM back in 2009 and from chats. Such sad news, that someone of us is gone :(

RIP Henrik
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Postby nuttyt » 16 Mar 2015, 17:09

I haven't spoken to him in years used to chat with him on the GHF forums all the time.
My deepest condolences to his family.
nuttyt (37)
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Postby DrunkRufie » 16 Mar 2015, 17:43

Very sad news. I met him back in 2009 @ Summer Angel and he definitely was a nice/friendly guy everyone seemed to get on with. His track ID/hardstyle knowledge was really fantastic too

RIP Koldsa/Henrik :(
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DrunkRufie (33)
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Postby elgrekoz » 16 Mar 2015, 17:50

Oh man...this is really sad. I can't believe that Henrik is gone...he was such a nice guy with great passion about the music. May you be at a better place buddy and remember, to play your music loud! You'll be missed... :(
"It's time to unfold our primitive instincts."
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Postby Doctor Dave » 16 Mar 2015, 19:18

so unexpected, RIP :(
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Doctor Dave (32)
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Postby Shrapnel » 16 Mar 2015, 19:54

RIP Henrik, sad times.
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Shrapnel (27)
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Postby thomasnn » 16 Mar 2015, 23:27

Only talked to him once, back in 2010, but I remember getting into hardstyle in 2008, I would listen to all his mixes that contained the newest tracks etc., this is indeed a sad day
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Postby Nuracore » 17 Mar 2015, 00:04

Had a few laughs and giggles... and now you aren't here any more..
Rest in piece Henrik Nørbygaard.

I wil not forget you
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Nuracore (28)
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Postby BVR » 17 Mar 2015, 01:31

Sad news, thoughts with his family. RIP Henrik.
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BVR (33)
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Postby D-Mind » 17 Mar 2015, 15:58

Henrik was an awesome guy. Always bringing the good vibes to forums like these.. He'll be missed :(
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D-Mind (29)
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Postby hostage » 17 Mar 2015, 16:02

Remember him because of his mixes back in 2006-2008 and as a mod on ghf... RIP koldsa, such a shame to die that young...
hostage (30)
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