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Interview Alive At Night with The Vision - Talks ditching screeches for melodies, his vision & being a teacher!

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Postby Nightstalker » 09 Mar 2015, 14:57

Source: Alive At Night

In 2015 it can be said that many artists have been ‘hardening’ their sound to fit the exploding popularity of raw hardstyle. However, one particular producer has gone against the norms and has stayed true to his creative flow as he has embarked on a new-found euphoric journey throughout the world of hardstyle. Ladies & gents welcome The Vision! We caught up with Vincent for a quick chat about his melodic productions, his personal vision of hardstyle and what it’s like to be a teacher!

1. Thanks for chatting with me today! First of all, you played at Reverze last weekend in the Lotto Arena, did you enjoy it?
Yes! I played at the Lotto Arena and it was so awesome! I played a set that build up from euphoric to raw at the end and it was so crazy from the very beginning until the end! I had a great time! :-)

2. You’ve been known for having quite a broad and diverse sound over the years, however recently you’ve gone from a raw sound to a more euphoric sound – can you describe this transition a little further?

For the last couple of years, I was searching for a typical “The Vision sound,” but I encountered a specific problem… I really love producing both euphoric and raw hardstyle, however for now, I prefer euphoric. The reason for this is that I feel more creative and a there is a lot more feeling and emotion attached euphoric hardstyle. Besides that, the modern raw sound in tracks sounds almost the same and that’s not where I want my music to be.

3. What are your opinions on raw hardstyle and the fact that it keeps getting harder?
More producers are edging towards a raw sound nowadays, because it’s quite easy to make a screech and a hardcore influenced kick. I personally feel like raw hardstyle is almost on it’s highest level and the creativity is starting to dull out. There need to be more creative producers within raw hardstyle, like B-Front, he packs so much feeling into his tracks and that’s really what raw hardstyle needs! Creativity is the key!

4. What is one critique that you can make about raw hardstyle?
I don’t like to say bad things about raw hardstyle, but I can only hope that there will be more creative producers that bring melodies and more feeling into the raw sound. But fuck it.. In the end it’s all hardstyle!

5. Your track “Bring Me Up” in particular is amazing! You also announced on your Facebook page that you will continue with euphoric productions, can you describe further how this is the best thing for your creativity?
Thanks for that! Yes, well actually I made a statement a couple weeks ago on my Facebook page and the feedback I received from my fans was amazing. I already have some fresh, new tracks finished and I’m on a roll! :-) I feel as though I can be more creative now and I love to make melodies packed with feeling. So my message is: be ready for new music!

6. Ultimately, what is YOUR vision of hardstyle as a genre and sound?
My vision of hardstyle is coming together as one.. From euphoric to raw, it’s all hardstyle. Don’t be negative and don’t place something in a specific ‘box’. Be positive and remember to give respect to the producers who are creative and do what they like. Life is too short to hate, AMEN!

7. What led you into producing hardstyle in the beginning? Did you begin off in another genre of music?
Here’s the story from a long time ago: I was a visitor at Qlimax in 2003 and from then on, I was in love with hardstyle. At the beginning I also tried to produce jumpstyle, but after reinstalling FL Studio for the 10th time, I was ready to jump into hardstyle! In 2008 I signed my first record deal with DJS Recordings and after that, I released some music at Kattiva Records and in 2010 I signed to Dirty Workz. Nowadays I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that hard work will always give a great result!

8. Can you tell us a personal fact about yourself that none of your fans know?
I am a gymnastics teacher :-). I work 4 days per week with children from 12-16 years old.

9. What is the best thing about being a teacher?
Working with kids who love sports and also working with kids keeps me young :-)
Oh, and of course, I have a lot of vacation which gives me plenty of time to produce!


10. If you could create a combination live-act within hardstyle, who would you like to see come together and why?
Hmm… That’s a good question. I would love to see Noisecontrollers vs Ran-D, they are the two best producers with the best sound design in my opinion and it would be a sick live-act! Maybe even bringing raw and euphoric together? For example, Radical Redemption with Wasted Penguinz or Warface with Rebourne.. That would be cool to see the result! :-)

11. Can you speak a little more about any upcoming releases or any exciting news in the life of The Vision?
There is a lot of new stuff coming up and I’m also busy with a new project called “My Vision Of..” This project will give a recap of the big events that I play at, the first video is already online and the feedback has been awesome!
Right now, I have finished two new tracks and I’m busy with a new solo track and some cool collabs! So my vision of hardstyle continues!

12. What has been the biggest highlight in your musical career so far?
My biggest highlight is still to come, however my performance at Reverze last weekend was the best so far I think. Everything was amazing and for the first time, I played 7 tracks from myself. The vibe was amazing and I am still getting messages from people visited the party and enjoyed my set! This is why I’m doing it!

13. Now a typical Alive At Night question: What did you eat for breakfast?
I ate bread with a lot of cheese and drank some water.

14. Finally, what do you do to get yourself through long days or nights in the studio?
After many hours of work, I go for a walk or check my phone. I don’t have a crazy ritual or anything.

Thanks to The Vision for chatting with me, we wish you the very best with your upcoming productions and your creative new-found sound. We hope to hear more heart melting melodies coming from your studio!

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