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Hardcore label for upcoming track/artist


Postby mats » 17 Jun 2014, 00:01


I am soon finishing a track witch sounds really nice and I would like to submit it to a label in hope to get a foot into the hardcore scene...

I think the sound is best described as quite mainstyle mellodic and kinda euphoric as well, though, with some new nice touches i havnt heard before ;)

I would like to know what possible lables I can send the tune to... of course i know about the big lables like neophyte and traxtorm but I'm not sure if they are signing trax from unsigned artists just like that...

take care!
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Postby Digital Shifter » 17 Jun 2014, 02:30

Well.. post it before sending it, we can help you here to give you advise ;)
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Postby Aftershoq » 17 Jun 2014, 09:51

You could try Adrenaline (sub-label of Neophyte) or Next Cyclone (Art of Fighters). But i'd suggest making more than one track for those labels or you try Derailed, they release singles.
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Postby Future Shokk » 17 Jun 2014, 20:30

Well first of all feel free to post your track here, perhaps u can get there some good advices to improve your production before u send it to a label hardcore-track-reviews-f90/ ;)

My worth to try out suggestions for you: The "Farm Labels" of Neophyte & Traxtorm (Adrenaline Tracks and Next Cyclone), Derailed Traxx and Important Hardcore. :)
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Postby mats » 19 Jun 2014, 00:28

Thank you for your answers!

Since its not finnished i dont wanna upload it for now, but of course i can do it when it's finnished! For now though, if you wanna her a previous tune ive made, you can click here: ... -bootleg-1

Again thank you for your knowledge and advices! _O_ :fist:
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