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Rihanna feat. Slash - Rockstar 101 (Frontliner Bootleg)

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Postby wizzie » 03 Feb 2013, 03:47

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wizzie (23)
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Postby Crystal2235 » 03 Feb 2013, 18:51

what the hell is this?
and remember, he canceled a remix.. but made a Bootleg for Rihanna...
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Postby HerbDanks » 03 Feb 2013, 19:33

Don't even care that its Rihanna, this just sounds so cheap.
c'mon frontliner... where's all that creativity :(
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Postby SchizeQ » 04 Feb 2013, 11:13

I just declined a remix for a band I would very much like to make a remix for. There are now people deliberatly trying to ruin hardstyle... They asked me if I could make a remix with softer kicks and as commercial as possible, i quote', 'happy hardcore 2 is what we are looking for'.. Let's hope hardstyle won't go near that direction and that the other producers feel the same as I do!

just empty words..
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Postby Bohemian » 05 Feb 2013, 22:43

lol i actually really like it
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Postby Gracio » 05 Feb 2013, 23:00

My Girlfriend likes that... :sick:

Barry you can do it better!

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Postby Digital Audio Tape » 06 Feb 2013, 08:14

Gracio:My Girlfriend likes that... :sick:

yeah, just because she's russian she has a terrible taste in music! :sick:

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Postby ceero » 06 Feb 2013, 11:06

i kinda like it, def better than last two Keep It Up releases

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Postby hardstyler92 » 06 Feb 2013, 18:56

this is really nice :dance: (L)
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Postby Pittoreski » 09 Jul 2013, 04:38

Not ashamed to say that I like this, it's a banging beat.
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