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Postby ceero » 15 Jun 2013, 23:38

Anyone addicted to this kind of music?
I am absolutely hooked and addicted to this for some time aleady. Safe to say this makes me slowly loose my interest in electronic music. Especially loving folk metal, but there is already a topic for metal music, i'll just leave these few here hoping they will bring as much joy to someone as to myself when i discovered it.

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Postby BeatConductor » 16 Jun 2013, 04:44

i use to listen to Eluveitie all the time. I love slanias song. :D
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Postby TheDiscoFan » 16 Jun 2013, 14:25

I love folk, but I rather think of stuff like this when I hear the term:

I recommend anyone interested in this music to listen to Sol Invictus' In The Rain. It's one of the greatest albums I've ever heard! _O_
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