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Theracords TV topic


Postby PumpStatic » 20 Dec 2012, 21:05

Wavolizer - The Chief _O_
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Postby The Convicted » 24 Jan 2013, 14:03

Episode 5:

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Postby Schac » 24 Jan 2013, 14:39

Surprising episode, firstly to see Gino in it and secondly that Cellrock is a fellow-countryman :D

Edit: I forgot to mention the interviews with the securityman and Degos & Re-Done are pretty nice :rofl:
I don't need gay breaks and a big song with a buildup and lights and smoke...
Fuck all that!
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Postby Katsching » 30 Jan 2013, 19:47

Digital Audio Tape:
Katsching:Love that trollin part about the Thera & Delete album :rofl:

yeah, that was awesome! "everyone else's doing it!" :rofl:

It would have been even funnier if they had said: "Hey, lets start our own label and release our album on it, cause everyone else is gonna run an own label" haha :rofl:

(I know it's a bit late for that reply but I watched it again and had to think of this :+ )
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Postby DjThera » 27 May 2013, 21:01

THERACORDS TV: Hardshock & Qult

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Postby Xenon96 » 27 May 2013, 22:00

LOL, you guys are so funny :rofl: _O_
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