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Postby hardstyler92 » 11 Feb 2013, 02:22

Jack of sound -kaylees nightmare
Crypsis -torture
Chris one -pyscho
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Postby TheRavestyler » 11 Feb 2013, 16:33

1. Vazard - Zimmersion (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)
2. Hardstyle Mafia - 6 Stages of Anger
3. Dj Thera - Disturbia (The R3belz Remix)
4. Ran-D & Adaro - Under Attack
5. Ran-D and Adaro - Struggle For Existence
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Postby Statical » 14 Feb 2013, 04:41

Damn, nice lists so far. I honestly expected a bunch of Spoontech circle jerking (fan too, no worries), but I see some nice variety.
Mine would be....

1. Activator - Wesker (favorite kick ever)
2. Jajox - Extermination
3. Kodex - Underworld
4. Radical Redemption - Annihilate
5. Alpha² - From The Rain
6. Vazard & Delete - Let's Get Weird (favorite vocal sample, lol)
7. Floorcrushers - Psycho Stylez
8. Crypsis - No God
9. Acti & Jajox - No Rules
10. Genox - Hypnotize
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Postby Subject Zero » 14 Feb 2013, 13:34

Have to agree with some of the above!

Hardstyle Mafia - 6 Stages Of Anger
Crypsis & Luna - Torture (a lot of my mate still play it, that feel when you hear "iiiiiiiiiiiii got struck by lightning in tha thunder.. (L) )
DJ Thera - The Test 2.0 (Crypsis Remix)
Crypsis & Chain Reaction - Furious
Radical Redemption - Brutal 2.0
Chris One - Psycho/Killshot/Bitcrusher remix/All of his old Theracords stuff
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Postby Vicious » 14 Feb 2013, 15:24

Not really many more tracks to add _O_

Alpha Twins- The Darkside (Darker mix)
D-Verze -Fear Me
Chain Reaction- The Record Breaking
Delete- Syndrome
Bioweapon Vs Toneshifterz- Dead of The Night

Are others that come to mind :)
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Postby icey » 14 Feb 2013, 15:33

Gona put 'Torture' in a set soon. Got it on vinyl aswell, you guys reminding me of that cheers :)

On topic:

The Machine & Sasha F - No mad soul :)
The Machine - Green Forest
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Postby K-Star » 28 Feb 2013, 17:15

Very difficult choice, I will say :

DHHD - Funky Shit (Degos & Re-Done Skuimbek Remix)
Main Concern - Threaten (Phrantic Remix)
Plasmaravers - Bust A Move (The R3bels Raw Edit)
Phrantic - Edge Of Extinction (Tartaros Remix)
Main Concern - Pineapple
Phuture Noize - Sleep (Phrantic Remix)
Solutio & The I's - Against Us
Tartaros - The Last Man Standing
Geck-o & Phrantic - The Hard Way
Tartaros & Zero Sanity - Naked

I'm probably forgetting some tracks, but these are the first that come to mind (L)
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Postby Emre » 28 Feb 2013, 18:33

Mysterias. :)
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Postby Bomberz » 28 Feb 2013, 19:28

TheRavestyler:1. Vazard - Zimmersion (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)


_O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_
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Postby overdrive » 01 Mar 2013, 00:09

Fearox:mhh that are alot of tracks :D ;)

Nutty T vs Sasha F - Bad Dreams ( unreleased)

this is released :)

Nutty T vs Vazard & Delete - The Reaper
Nutty T - 7 Days
DJ Thera - Stash
B-Front & Frontliner - Magic
B-Front - Mysterias
Donkey Rollers - Voice Of Conscience
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Postby MidnightDUB » 20 Mar 2013, 10:41

probably Titan Ft. B-Front - Haunted
for me it is and always have been a benchmark when it comes to harder, darker side of hardstyle.
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