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Harderstate Music Awards 2012 • The results and video!

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Postby Katsching » 01 Feb 2013, 19:57

timdawes:i'm jealous of the skiing, and the schnitzel.

And I'm jealous of this fucking beautiful weather
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Postby D-Verze » 02 Feb 2013, 11:13

Digital Audio Tape:also, THAT'S how you're supposed to pronounce your nickname, Darycka? :O

Jap, or well, at least that's how I pronounce it :D
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Postby DjVero » 02 Feb 2013, 14:29

Last year's video was funnier, but at least this one was way more professional, the video editing was great. Good job guys!

And god, gotta envy that Australian weather :(
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Postby GolGotha » 02 Feb 2013, 20:30

I was going to go with a whole typical english thing (ie eating a scone or drinking tea), but I was told the videos needed to be short so I decided against it and just be short & to the point

Maybe next time, eh?
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Postby nerz » 02 Feb 2013, 22:50

what's the track/snippet at 12:53?
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Postby KVAIN » 03 Feb 2013, 21:19

Thanks everyone for the great response on the video:) i'm glad you all like it :)
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Postby Snugens » 04 Feb 2013, 12:43

Quite a bit of cheese made it on there lol But overall a very well made video :)
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Postby nerz » 04 Feb 2013, 14:02

nerz:what's the track/snippet at 12:53?

please respond :(
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Postby bAsher » 04 Feb 2013, 15:07

Vamper - Blind
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Postby nerz » 04 Feb 2013, 15:11


(your message blabla)
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Postby VTraxx » 06 Aug 2014, 14:02

Will there be another Harderstate Music Awards this year?
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