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All other music besides Hardstyle & Hardcore

Postby Wavelength » 26 Nov 2012, 12:15

Any fans? I started out more or less with rock music, progressed to hip-hop/rap in the 90s and since have gotten into everything else like dubstep, dnb and hardstyle - as my main genre.

It's wierd one day listening to Lamb of God and the next some Showtek, anyone else as ecclectic as me?
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Postby Xenon96 » 26 Nov 2012, 14:43

One of my friends is a rock and hardstyle fan. But he likes rock more :(
I sometimes listen to some death, black and thrash metal, but just by searching on google for artists, and then typing them onto youtube :+
Btw. here is a crazy vid, I just wonder how sick is the crowd :O
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Postby BeatConductor » 26 Nov 2012, 15:03

I like almost all music. Before hardstyle i was into "crazy" metal. Bands like keep of kalessin, behemoth, children of bodom. I also liked a lot of progressive and power metal, i.e. Iron Maiden, Adagio, Symphony X. I personally think metal and hardstyle are similar. I still like both but my preference for listening is hardstyle.
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Postby Wavelength » 26 Nov 2012, 15:16

While the sound is not the same as such I think hardstyle and metal can trigger the same part of the brain, both dark sounding and agressive.

People that usually listen to Hardstyle usually like it for it's dark agression, at least it's one factor 'cause we all know Hardstyle has many different sounds - not just dark.
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Postby Kogeki » 04 Dec 2012, 23:52

I was really into metal before i discovered hard electronic music :) Now i still like it,mostly death,thrash stuff and some grindcore.
Morbid Angel - Covenant Of Death
Artillery - Fear Of Tommorow
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Detente - Life In Pain
Possessed - Seven Churches
Possessed - The Exorcist
Artillery - The Eternal War | and the awesome cover made by:
Invocator - The Eternal War (Artillery Cover)
Decapitated - Cemeteral Gardens (Cemeteral Gardens Demo 1997)
Decapitated - Suffer the Children (Napalm Death Cover)
Vader - This Is The War [whole The Art Of War EP is awesome _O_ ]
Vader - Nomad
Iperyt - No State Of Grace [hardcore + drums,just great drum machine and samples (L) ]
Iperyt - Antihuman Hate Generator
Iperyt - A.V.M.D.
Iperyt - Keep Your Eyes Closed
Decapitated - Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
Łeb Prosiaka - Old Dziad
Excrementory Grindfuckers - Looking For Grindcore
i forgotten about one masterpiece:
Morbid Angel - Invocation Of The Continual One
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Postby diesal11 » 05 Dec 2012, 07:09

Eluveitie, Korpiklanni, Alestorm, Amon Amarth to name a few i used to love.
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Postby TheDiscoFan » 05 Dec 2012, 16:47

I used to listen to metalcore and all that shit when I was like fourteen years old. Nowadays I mainly listen to Post Metal, Death Metal, Crust and Sludge. My favorite bands at the moment are Gojira, Morne, Filth Of Mankind, Fall Of Efrafa, Meshuggah and Decapitated.
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