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Postby dj_vertigo » 23 May 2012, 16:03

UNIFITE:The BPM topic.. Let me throw in my 5 cents :)

BPM & Style of music that You play should go hand in hand with the timetable. There is no reason to open the party/event at 155 BPM. The result will probrably be that the crowd will get tired of the music to soon. -Here im talking of primary club events.
Also You have to remember who the "big name" of the evening is. There a some small unwritten rules when it comes to this.
1. Dont play faster bpm than You think/know that he will play after You.
2. Dont play raw/hardcorish hardstyle if the artist is a "mainstream" DJ.
3. Stay away from his tracks, and if You can, also the newest releases of the label he represents.

Remember that most DJs are playing for an audience, and not them selfs. Ive heard really good DJs adapting to the crowd and event, and ive seen DJs who only want to satisfy themselfs. Its a shame, because that wont get You bookings in the future.

Couldn't agree more mate as a dj your there to play for the crowd I've seen DJs empty dance floors and keep at it with tracks that Arnt working just because its "their" set I'm all for having a planned set but you have to be flexable aswell

I've always played at most 150 doesn't matter when I'm on unless the dj before me has been cranking it faster then ill mix into his set and keep it that speed

If the set before me is slower then ill mix into it but speed up to 150 once I'm settled

although I'm playing a lot've "old-school" tracks lately around the 145/148 mark its not a huge difference but in speed on paper but very noticeable I've noticed alotve people are digging the slower speed well around here anyways
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Postby Jonas » 02 Jun 2012, 12:29

I like to change the BPM. In my latest set i think i made the most experimenting mix also BPM wise.
I started out with dubstep at 142, played hardtrance at the same, played early HS at 145-148, nustyle at 150 (of course not cheese, would'nt fit at all), harder hardstyle (theracords stuff) at 150 too, then i played a Industrial Hardcore remix of I:gor at 150-155 and a couple of industrial hardcore tracks at 155-165 and at last some Crossbreed at 175.. I know that it would'nt work out if I'd play that live, because of people playing after and/or before me, but i think it's quite nice when doing a podcast/radio show :)
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Postby The Uninvited » 16 Jun 2012, 16:19

I'm beginnen my sets at 150 BPM and try to end my sets at 155. :)
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Postby The Convicted » 16 Jun 2012, 16:22

Never like to speed up the set continously, always play in one tempo and it's 153bpm :) If I put some harder and faster kind of music from other genre (like hardcore), I set the mixable part of the next track in the previous track's tempo, when the fading is ended, I suddenly pull up the tempo :) Maybe it's not the nicest way of it, but simple :D

Oh, I never played for a bigger crowd ;)
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Postby CalVic » 25 Nov 2012, 18:42

Depends, But usually for me 153 to 155.
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