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Frontliner - Dream Dust (Free Edit)

Free downloadable Hardstyle tracks by established artists

Postby The Convicted » 30 Jul 2012, 17:59

Exactly one year ago Dream Dust was first previewed on youtube. To celebrate it's 1 year existence I give you this edit!
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Postby atomicoz » 30 Jul 2012, 18:01

was just about to post it :p

here's a lil party clip too:
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atomicoz (31)
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Postby Zaxis » 30 Jul 2012, 18:07

Liking the kick a lot more in this version.
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Postby Digital Audio Tape » 30 Jul 2012, 18:58

yeah, i also like this version more than the original
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Postby Neko » 30 Jul 2012, 19:41

Dunno why cause there are so little changes but this edit wrecks it imo. Lovely
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Postby greatART » 30 Jul 2012, 22:48

the track is not bad :)

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Postby tyri » 31 Jul 2012, 05:37

Kicks have a bit more punch in this version. I like.
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