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Writing a good résumé.


Postby AaronM » 10 Aug 2011, 10:03

I'm currently writing a resume to apply for jobs. Does anyone have any ideas for writing them?
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Postby Done Heavy » 10 Aug 2011, 10:23

Which job? :)
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Postby Primus Infinity » 10 Aug 2011, 10:49

In my job I get a couple of resumes on my desk every day, here are some general do's and dont's:

- Write colorfull, enthusiasted and positive, maybe even plush up a bit, but don't really exagerrate and stick to the truth! (find the balance young padavan ;) )
- Keep it short but with the facts up front (think like you're the one who's getting the resume, what would you expect from a person applying for this job?), spare the details/gossip for the interview.
- Use a photo, BUT only a good one. If you have to apply a lot, it might pay to get a photographer a make a professional one. Remember, first Impression hits home. Better no photo than a bad one though...
- Scan your documents, Diplomas and stuff and pack them into ONE PDF, add that to your resume, add the page in order of relevance.
- Only use a few colors, sometimes it spicing up the the resume if you use a SIMPLE design pattern to enhance things a bit. If you have no clue about designs and grafics, cut it, a resume looking like a paradise-bird will blind the HR, no matter how creative you are (does not count for design artists though :P )
- Choose a simple non serif font that looks professional, no fancy stuff.

- If applying electronically, use PDF for gods sake, I see strange formats every day, you don't know where it will end up and how chewed up it will look there. PDF will more or less always look the same. (free PDF converters are out on the web all around)
- If you apply for an IT Job it's espically serious, if you apply with a openDoc or Word Document for an IT Position, that makes you looking like some "I too read a HTML Book once, and calling me now web programmer" kinda guy...
- Never ever use photos from you phone, webpics or anything similar (even saw a resume-photo for a CEO Assistant vacation, done in a bathroom with the phone in the mirror... o_O ).
- Hands off from fancy Excel/Word styles, keep it plain and simple.
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