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Postby mU4Ea » 17 Aug 2013, 10:35

I live in the US and one of the only genres of music I like is hardstyle, as such I say I like electronic music as one of my musical interests when someone asks me, (most people here have never heard of hardstyle) But when they delve deeper and start asking me about "like which producers" the only one they might have heard of would be Headhunterz but even that's unlikely. This got me thinking I do not want to be so limited in my genres but I know I probably won't like the shit most people like but I think its weird how hardstyle is so good to me yet every other electronic music genre is unappealing.

tldr; I would like to expand my horizons and find some other genres of electronic music I could like.
Some of the dark drum and bass sutff I find alright although it definitely isn't something id choose to listen to. Some of the more popular hardcore/gabber tracks are appealing to me, but I really don't like techno, trance, nor house from what I've heard.

What I like about hardstyle is its heaviness and musicalness. In terms of heaviness it is far from the first genre to feature a distorted kick in a similar fashion but the kick is so full and perfected it easily sets itself apart from the kicks of all other edm tracks i have heard thus far. As far as musicality goes its not just the great melodies (both mainstream and rawer melodies) its also the form and the use of suspense due to deviation from or going with the suspected ABA form and the significance of that. Many other genres I've heard have a break B section but not to the same degree as hardstyle (I like that this is it impression the Hardstyle B sections give.)

I also should mention that I usually prefer tracks without singing vocals and producers who make less tracks utilizing singing. I dunno what it is I just prefer the sound of instruments I suppose.

The other two music genres I actively listen to are Folk Metal and Classical if that helps.

If you come up with ideas for genres that you think would be a good match for someone who likes hardstyle but not necessarily suited for my tastes please post it.

Your best examples of tracks in the genre would be great too, afterall it could just be that all the artists I've heard in a particular genre are just not my taste and nothing is necesarrily wrong with the genre itself for me. Thanks, look forward to your responses.
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Postby DaHunger » 17 Aug 2013, 10:58

dark dnb, not sure if you mean it or you don't know it: neurofunk
check some tracks out there

maybe if I don't forget I look up other stuff when I have time on sunday
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Postby DjPractice » 17 Aug 2013, 11:21

sounds like you need heavy industrial hardcore stuff

check out this thread:
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Postby mU4Ea » 17 Aug 2013, 13:04

Thank you both for the suggestions I've only listened to one from each of you so far though. I'm not a big fan of DnB still, It sounds good and I'd prefer it to a lot of stuff people play today but I don't like it enough select it if I'm choosing still, I'm not as much a fan of the overall thin and fast character of the rhythm in DnB.

I was not expecting much from your recommendation DjPractice, since I forgot to mention I usually dislike industrial as well in my OP but damn, I heard the first track on there and I'm very pleased with it. Heavy, Hard, and melodic in its own way.

Thanks again
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Postby Absence » 20 Aug 2013, 18:44

If you like Classical and Hardstyle, I'd try IDM or indeed some Industrial/Crossbreed.
e.g. Fracture 4, Semiomime, Boy Is Fiction, Cubic Nomad, Cathedral of Failure
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Postby mU4Ea » 24 Aug 2013, 04:56

Absence:If you like Classical and Hardstyle, I'd try IDM or indeed some Industrial/Crossbreed.
e.g. Fracture 4, Semiomime, Boy Is Fiction, Cubic Nomad, Cathedral of Failure

Thanks for the list, I read about idm and looked artists up before but was never a fan. Thanks for the list, I'll check them out.
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