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All other music besides Hardstyle & Hardcore

Postby Malgranda » 22 Feb 2015, 22:24

Thought I'd be fun to start a topic like this (I saw this topic existed but it's kind of dead and hardstyle only.).

I remember how I hated hearing tracks from Ariane Grande because my sister would play them 24/7 a year ago. I've been trying to listen to other genre's besides hardstyle for some time and guess what, after a short time of searching I stumbled upon a track of her which I actually like (a lot). :+

I've really been digging some of the more laidback tracks like this. ^^
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Postby DizzleHS89 » 22 Feb 2015, 22:41

I love to browse different genres all the time and spotify helps me a lot with it :)!

See if you like this stuff?
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Postby zanshi » 23 Feb 2015, 03:35

"ars ex scientia"
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Postby noiseshock_of » 23 Feb 2015, 12:25

bigroom <3
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Postby ceero » 23 Feb 2015, 12:37

This f-ing band _O_ I understand all the hate they get because of the retarded lyrics and the asshole Fred Durst is, but from musical point few rock bands come close to them. Wes Borland <333
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Postby Emre » 23 Feb 2015, 14:14

noiseshock_of:bigroom <3

This lol. Especially when combined with cheesy vocals ! Borgeous stuff for example <3

or anything Garrix, or tracks like Kalavela..bigroom (L)
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Postby Shrapnel » 23 Feb 2015, 18:24

Future house

also stuff like this
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Postby Emre » 23 Feb 2015, 18:42

^ _O_ _O_
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Postby carnaGe » 23 Feb 2015, 19:16

Bass house. Actually, it has became my go-to stuff since I enjoy future/bass/jackin/deep house, uplifting trance and subground stuff way way more than hardstyle in its current state.
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Postby hardstyleprem1um » 23 Feb 2015, 19:38

With guilty pleasure i mean that i like this trap remix equal to the original
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Postby Tamme » 23 Feb 2015, 20:42

This song _O_ And most of Elton John's songs..
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Postby soepa » 23 Feb 2015, 22:52

I mostly only listen to hardstyle, but before I got into hardstyle back in 2009, I did listen to various music.
Peter Tägtgren (aka Pain) is one of my favourite musicians ever. Nightwish (when Tarja was the singer) were also a band I used to enjoy a lot (Nightwish - Siren _O_).
Older DnB is great aswell. Some older house music like these tracks:
no idea who these people are (found this track in a mmorpg game movie), but this track is great:

ceero mentioned Limp Bizkit. I really like Limp Bizkit - Hot Dog (
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Postby RidiQless » 23 Feb 2015, 23:52

I actually listen to a lot of other genres (again). From 2010 I barely listened to any other music than hardstyle but since I've been to Australia and met new people, I have a much brighter view on music again. Future house and tropical house are awesome. I also enjoy a lot of deep house tracks now, a genre which I thought wouldn't be my taste at all.

I also listen to german hip hop and I really enjoy Rammstein too.
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 23 Feb 2015, 23:59

UK Trap :+
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Postby Doctor Dave » 24 Feb 2015, 15:01

I guess Trap and Gigi Agostino / Italodance would count as guilty?

This one too

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