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Postby zanshi » 14 Mar 2012, 12:22

me on twitter:!/zanshi
me on tumblr:
my sound, synths & stuff blog:

if you want my skype or fb, please pn me!
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Postby SchizeQ » 14 Mar 2012, 12:47
tracks for support here:
Sorry If I wrote something wrong, I know my english isn't perfect :)
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Postby banzai » 22 Apr 2012, 09:38

fuck the fake shiiiiiiiiieeeeet
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Postby robzzi » 04 May 2012, 00:31
Skype: Tkuffen
MSN: (not so active there :+ )
Facebook: PM :)
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Postby Defector » 20 May 2012, 20:38

Defector - Producer/DJ Screeches, Distorted Kicks, Uplifting Melodies
Add me on my social media: Facebook / Myspace / Partyflock / Youtube Channel / Twitter
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Postby ChristianHardstyle » 04 Oct 2012, 21:47

--- Retired producer from Italy who loves reverse bass ---
Sunriser -
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Postby Ech0ist » 23 Oct 2012, 16:06

Facebook and Twitter on the little buttons ->

Would be cool to have more people posting stuff I'm actually interested in!
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Postby Shadow Interaction » 04 Nov 2012, 01:26

and i've uploaded the first stuff on my new soundcloud account!

check it out and follow me ;)

soon my newest solo tracks will be on it, and more...
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Postby thesh3ll » 06 Dec 2012, 22:38

not much on there though.. i'll try to follow some of you people when i have time :fist:
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Postby Kogeki » 11 Dec 2012, 23:30

From happiest to darkest!
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Postby Wavelength » 18 Jan 2013, 01:48

Personal FB :)
No music page made yet, getting a few tracks i am happy to release under my belt first
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