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Re: Tell us about your feels!

The Convicted:Like I said tonight, everybody should hop on the feeltrain and go to Feeladelphia.

I had some hard feelings last night tho.
by Xenon96
08 Feb 2015, 16:03
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Topic: Tell us about your feels!
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Re: Hardcore Userbars

Damn I hate being a slow person :( Anyway here's my take on this one.
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by Xenon96
15 May 2014, 15:36
Forum: General Hardcore Discussions
Topic: Hardcore Userbars
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Re: Reasons to feel sad

While trying to fall asleep I suddenly woke up to my hands shaking to my heart beats. I measured my blood pressure and I had 167 80, and my pulse was 90. My mom gave me some medicines she takes. Now I can't sleep and I'm so damn freaked out. I was out with my friends and had three beers and a few ci...
by Xenon96
23 Apr 2014, 03:13
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Topic: Reasons to feel sad
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Re: WTF-moment of the day


That's just so wrong and fucked up... ._.

Welcome to Romania. :facepalm:
by Xenon96
21 Apr 2014, 01:18
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Topic: WTF-moment of the day
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Re: Reasons to feel sad

Sometimes, i feel like i'm not living into the same world of others people. A strange feeling of being an outsider. Don't really know what to do about this. Don't feel sad about that, dude. I'm an outsider too, and I've learnt how to actually enjoy it, it gives me that 'being special' feeling. :D B...
by Xenon96
13 Apr 2014, 19:19
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: Reasons to feel sad
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Re: Funny pics thread #1

dylannn:Someone decide whether this should be picture thread and a new video thread be created, or whether to start both from scratch ;D

both from scratch
by Xenon96
20 Mar 2014, 15:18
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: Funny pics thread #1
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Re: Random bitching

^ and manism was born :+
by Xenon96
18 Mar 2014, 20:43
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: Random bitching
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Re: Reasons to feel good

I'm 6500 days old today :+
by Xenon96
17 Mar 2014, 08:01
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Topic: Reasons to feel good
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Re: Project Cars

I don't want to see the system requirements tho, it will probably make me cry. :(
by Xenon96
15 Mar 2014, 20:22
Forum: Games / Computers / Gadgets
Topic: Project Cars
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Re: Edgie - Immersive

I just wanted to say, 'now this is edgy', so I listened to it :+
But omg, this is the definition of massive, that mid-intro blew me away. Keep it up, bro! _O_
by Xenon96
14 Mar 2014, 14:50
Forum: Hardstyle Track Reviews
Topic: Edgie - Immersive
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Re: Frontliner gives his kick away.

You can use that kick for messing around, analyzing it, getting better. And:
equinox:Labels will not accept demos with these kicks

by Xenon96
10 Mar 2014, 21:19
Forum: General / Sound Design
Topic: Frontliner gives his kick away.
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Re: SFX now also bought B2S

So we'll finally see Heady at lewdness. yey
by Xenon96
07 Mar 2014, 00:59
Forum: General Hardstyle Discussions
Topic: SFX now also bought B2S
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Re: What would you rather have if you got to choose?

Neither, I just want some bigger speakers.

by Xenon96
06 Mar 2014, 21:34
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: What would you rather have if you got to choose?
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Re: Countryball & International Humor

Im pretty sure it should be een stoner :+
by Xenon96
05 Mar 2014, 22:35
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: Countryball & International Humor
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Re: Track of the Day - Non Harder Styles #1

I've been listening to this for a few days now, it's so damn catchy :fist:
by Xenon96
03 Mar 2014, 13:52
Forum: Other Music
Topic: Track Of The Day - Non-Harder Styles
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