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Sep 12, 2020X-Qlusive Phuture Noize [NL]
Mar 21, 2020QONNECT [At Home]
Nov 23, 2019Qlimax - Symphony of Shadows [NL]
Jun 7, 2019Freshtival [NL]
Nov 24, 2018Qlimax -The Game Changer
Oct 20, 2018Project One | Reflections of the Eternal
Jun 22, 2018Defqon.1 Festival - Maximum Force [NL]
Apr 27, 2018Hardfest - Majestic Mayhem [NL]
Mar 2, 2018Superbash - We Rule The Night [NL]
Nov 18, 2017Qlimax - Temple Of Light [NL]
Oct 13, 2017Dangerouzmind presents: War Force [NL]
Sep 30, 2017Return of Headhunterz 2017 [NL]
May 5, 2017Dance4Liberation [NL]
Apr 8, 2017Rebirth Festival - The Unexpected World [NL]
Nov 19, 2016Qlimax - Rise Of The Celestials [NL]
Jul 30, 2016C.R.A.F.T. - Can't remember a fucking thing Festival [NL]
Jul 17, 2016Matrixx at the Park - XXlerator [NL]
Sep 12, 2015Q-Base - Lock 'N' Load [DE]
Jul 25, 2015C.R.A.F.T. - Can't remember a fucking thing Festival [NL]
Jun 27, 2015Dreamfields Festival [NL]
Mar 21, 2015Knock Out! - The ultimate battle Night [NL]
Dec 26, 2014De Tijdmachine [NL]
Oct 4, 2014QULT - The XL Edition [NL]
Jul 26, 2014C.R.A.F.T. - Can't remember a fucking thing Festival [NL]
May 10, 2014World of Pleasure [NL]
Feb 1, 2014HardBass - Exploration [NL]
Aug 3, 2013Dance Boulevard [NL]
Apr 30, 2013HardFest - Queensday Massive [NL]
Dec 23, 2012Serious Hardstyle [NL]
Jun 2, 2012Intents Festival 2012 - The Harder Styles


It was, it was like slow motion
and everything was so out of my control
In that moment, I don't know...what happens where souls go,
but I really realized the depth of love that I had and... Thank god for music