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Re: Headhunterz - ID (Say My Name)

I love this. The vocal is oddly catchy and in the same style as takin it back. Might not work for everyone but it does for me. And although Bella Ciao has been used by so many in all of dance music this year if it's quality like this doesn't matter to me. Can we all stop a moment to hear how hard a...
by 123098man
28 Nov 2018, 07:14
Forum: Unreleased Hardstyle
Topic: Headhunterz - Say My Name
Replies: 76
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Re: [26/01/2019] X-Qlusive: Da Tweekaz

I think Frequencerz theme get wack join the pack should have been used for Da Tweekaz. Their style is better suited.
by 123098man
09 Nov 2018, 02:21
Forum: Upcoming Parties
Topic: [26/01/2019] X-Qlusive: Da Tweekaz
Replies: 33
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[3/11/2018] Radical Redemption - Command & Conquer [NL] Info Name: Radical Redemption - Command & Conquer Organisation: Art of Dance Date: 03th of November 2018 Time: 22:00 - 07:00 Loca...
by 123098man
30 Sep 2018, 05:10
Forum: Upcoming Parties
Topic: [3/11/2018] Radical Redemption - Command & Conquer [NL]
Replies: 3
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Re: Little Hardstyle release facts and gossips topic

Emre:Code Black said on SLAM that he, BH & Toneshifterz will start a radioshow recorded in a studio (similar concept to HWS) within 2 months.

So no more WER Hardstyle then
by 123098man
28 Sep 2018, 05:52
Forum: General Hardstyle Discussions
Topic: Little Hardstyle release facts and gossips topic
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Re: Timmy Trumpet & Sub Zero Project ft. DV8 - Rockstar [Spinnin' Records]

th3r3zo:who is Timmy Trumpet someone with a trumpet or what, pure party track nice

The guy who played a harder hardstyle than coone at tomorrowland :rofl:
by 123098man
27 Sep 2018, 07:08
Forum: Hardstyle
Topic: Timmy Trumpet & Sub Zero Project ft. DV8 - Rockstar [Spinnin' Records]
Replies: 17
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