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New Hardcorehead right here!


Postby Corist! » 22 Jul 2017, 13:55

Hi guys, i'm a new guy in here. Joined from Istanbul or Constantinopolis! I'm 17! I'm half greek and half turkish.

My goal is be a hardcore producer. And i'm working for this a lot. Also, i'm making music (random beats, melodies u know) since 2011. I met with hardcore in 2016. First time i hear, like it too much. U know, that was a different music style. I was just a listener in that times. But after a few months, i just want to make it. I'm still working on this, and i got some result kicks of my style. Like d-fence, tieum. Also i got some kicks like mad dog. (Same but not too much)

I think im gonna move to Netherlands for make hardcore music and make money with it. I'm building a lil home studio right know. I have big dreams, u know :)

I don't know how i gonna do, but i must. I'm just working in every day. And im learning new things, tips in every day. So, here i am... So what can u say about my way? or my career?

I must say thanks to General Guyble for helping me in a few days ago.
I'm working on Fruity Loops Studio 12. (not best, but it's okay)

My favoruite track: Carnival of Doom (by The Supreme Team)
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