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Introduction, request and about Hhz


Postby DJHardstylez » 29 Apr 2018, 20:31

Hey I am Rutger/Hardstylez, can we pleaz give eachother some more constructive feedback and producing tips instead of hate on this Forum! There is 1 thing I hate 2 Hhz because he keeps sayin' ow I m so glad i m back to Hardstyle oh i m so happy but means oh i like the money so much with so less to do for it, because HE has a complete team who co produces around him and i do it by myself and talks about music instead of creating it!! On my own strengt this 1 is against Headhunterz: ... eadhunterz
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Postby DJHardstylez » 29 Apr 2018, 20:37

I mean he talks about making his music but almost everything is Ghosted
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Postby Valadia » 29 Apr 2018, 21:50

You made an anti-Headhunterz track, but call for "no hate". Mate, honestly. What do you expect, when posting these things? Do you have proof Headhunterz is ghosted? If so, please provide. Without them, these are just stupid allegations.

There are lot of acts that are being ghosted. There a lot of acts that aren't ghosted. With all due respect, you doing it "all by yourself" isn't anything special.

Now, about the feedback. Your arrangement is off. Try checking out tutorials like these;
Also, your lead is very thin. Adding more layers and creating your own signature sound with more than some detuned saw waves will make it a lot better. Also, try pitching your kick with the bassline of the melody.
Look up a lot of tutorials about hardstyle and you will learn a bit more about the structure and the theory behind the sounds used.
kraczk:Also Hard Driver and Digital Punk are notorious for being edgier than US school shooters.
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Postby Trantix » 30 Apr 2018, 00:58

I kinda feel like the whole thing about "not hating" is trying to make it so we don't hate on your track. But it's kind of difficult to when it's to be against headhunterz when you have no actual accusations against him. This is pretty hypocritical.

How about instead of just creating a track to diss headhunterz, we just simply discuss these disagreements. Creating a track like this is more of projecting hate and not a discussion about headhunterz imo.
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