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Postby vapouRx7 » 29 Jul 2010, 01:21

Hey guys, I guess I had to have this all straight for once and all.

I'm Tim van de Stadt, live in Overijssel, the Netherlands and I am 17 years old and one of the three producers behind Atmozfears, besides Kevin Keiser en Michael Jessen. There has been a lot of fuzz lately about me, and loads of people didn't know I was producing for Atmozfears. It all started when I met Kevin on MySpace, he liked my melodic stuff alot, so he asked me for a collab. This worked out so well, they had two instant releases within a few days! Inflicting you and Supernatural are both greatly influenced by me, as you can say I composed a lot of stuff for those two tracks. I didn't have much experience back then, after all, I just turned 15 (I guess). My first hardstyle productions were 'medium', as they can still be audited at . You will see I evolved a shitload since then, I didn't know what the %@*# I was doing back then. Within a few weeks you will get to hear alot of new stuff under the name Paranoia, and I hope u will like our stuff!

Besides hardstyle, I also do alot of house, with the alias; "Bk & t-mothy", as t-mothy is an referral to my original name Timothy, obviously. I produced some 'pretty' famous dutch house tracks, as me and Bart Kuipers (bk) spin them alot!

and guess what?

I've just begun.
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vapouRx7 (26)
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Postby Baryshx » 29 Jul 2010, 14:44

welcome :fist:
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Baryshx (36)
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Postby fops » 08 Aug 2010, 23:55

So many naaaames :D

Welcome, really like you're stuff :fist: :)
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fops (26)
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Postby koldsa » 09 Aug 2010, 00:24

Welcome :)
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koldsa (28)
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Postby The Hown » 09 Aug 2010, 16:26

welcome :)
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The Hown (30)
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Postby Prefix » 09 Aug 2010, 16:33

vapouRx7:live in Overijssel

Enschede right?
Welcome. :)
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Prefix (29)
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Postby Tom_InPhase » 10 Aug 2010, 12:15

Welkom :)
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Postby the_yofridiz » 10 Aug 2010, 16:40

yo dudez!!!!
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Postby ReLeX » 10 Aug 2010, 16:53

welcome :) on board. finyl i know what it was al about with these many names ;)
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Postby MKN » 12 Aug 2010, 00:44

haha i used to think atmozfears was just kevin :+
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