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Theracords Q&A #4: Catatonic Overload

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Postby atomicoz » 26 Dec 2011, 01:00

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Now you got to chance to ask Catatonic Overload your questions!
It's the second to last week of the Theracords weekly Q&A series

Let me bring you up to date if you've been asleep the last year

Tim Oelers and Marc Scheeren are the guys behind the Catatonic Overload duo. If you've been into Hardstyle you'll probably recognize Marc Scheeren from his Sebulba alias under which he released tracks back in 2008.

In August 2010 Catatonic Overload got their first release "Heavyweight" out on Theracords followed by "Paralyzed" in November. Since then they've done remixes for Donkey Rollers, Delete and others, not to mention had time to release three of their own EPs all titled "Make RAW not WAR". (part 1-3)
Check out the cover-arts below for some of their releases!

In 2011 alone they've performed at events like Ground Zero, 2 XXlerator parties, Loudness, Hardnation and more!

Releases in 2011

Their Ground Zero after movie, playing is a mashup of "Goddamn" and "The Sexual Thrill (Ground Zero Edit)"

Ask your questions by replying here and they'll respond when they can!
(They're closing tonight at the 'Harder VIII' party)
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Postby MarlboroMan » 26 Dec 2011, 01:13

So we know that Marc made music as Sebulba before. I would like to know if you, Tim did music before as well. And how you met each other. :)
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Postby Q-Rater » 26 Dec 2011, 02:12

First of all I just want to say I love your tunes so much, you guys are keeping hardstyle alive for me :)

I am curious how the alias came about?
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Postby SchizeQ » 26 Dec 2011, 09:18

Which season of FG is your favorite? Guess for second :+
tracks for support here:
Sorry If I wrote something wrong, I know my english isn't perfect :)
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Postby DjVero » 26 Dec 2011, 13:49

How was it to enter the Fusion remix competition and actually see your track released on the Fusion imprint? :D
Mr. Revealed
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Postby Raver » 26 Dec 2011, 14:52

I have no question at the moment, I just wanted to say that you guys are real awesome _O_ . You became one of my favourite producers. I have no words to describe tracks like "The Sexual Thrill", "Pump That", "S.I.T.E", "Overtime" or your remix for the Donkey Rollers, they are just out of this world. Awesome :dance:

Keep on the good work! :fist:
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Postby Morten K » 26 Dec 2011, 15:43

Hi guys :)

First i would like to say that i really love your music. Every single release you guys have released on theracords have i supported and i always looking forward to hear some new tracks from you!

My question is about the way you guys produce. Are you splitting the producing up? I mean like, Tim maybe produce the melodies, Marc fixes all the small details in the tracks etc etc. Hope you get my question :D
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Postby Romanian Hardstyler » 26 Dec 2011, 17:33

with which producers besides theracords would you want to have a collab?
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Postby Matt » 26 Dec 2011, 19:58

Hi guys, love your music ! :)

How did you came up with the name 'catatonic Overload' ? (Yeah tough question :p)
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Postby Zyrlex » 26 Dec 2011, 23:51

Hey guys,

I would like to say that i like your style, just freakin love it.
But My question was the same as "Matt", how did you guys came up with the name?
Zyrlex One part of the harder styles.
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Postby ceero » 27 Dec 2011, 18:15

tell us a bit about what can we expect from you in 2012 :)

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Postby lamtak » 27 Dec 2011, 18:19

If you would have to perform and make a 1h mix that would summarize hardstyle and all its subgenres, which track would you guys absolutely play?
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Postby icey » 27 Dec 2011, 19:05

How would you describe your style? Hardstyle? Rawstyle? Maybe even 'Nu-Hardstyle'??

Many people describe your style as 'rawstyle' or just being 'very raw' etc but I disagree. I've supported 2 or 3 of your tracks but I prefer the harder-Hardstyle. Hope you understand my question?
e.g your rmx of Delete - Pulse had fantastic feedback. But i always prefered the Original as it was alot Harder imo. Still a good/solid remix though :)

Good luck with future projects. :)
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Postby D-Verze » 28 Dec 2011, 01:15

Awaiting answers really, this is getting boring this way :+

To add a question, you guys finished off area 2 at Loudness, where there were problems with the soundsystem. I personally walked away from your set because of this, not to offend you guys, but it just wasn't enjoyable for me anymore... How do you guys feel about this situation? Did you notice it while you were playing? Does it really bother you?
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Postby Catatonic Overload » 28 Dec 2011, 13:44

Hi guys!
I've been busy with Christmas stuff, but now I'm ready (nice track btw) to answer your questions.
I (Tim) will do the replying, but if you have a specific question for Marc, I'll pass these though.
So let's get started...

MarlboroMan:So we know that Marc made music as Sebulba before. I would like to know if you, Tim did music before as well. And how you met each other. :)

I have been working with music for about 10 years now, just for the great fun of it. I met Marc at Hard Bass 2004 in the Silverdome, although we live pretty nearby each other. Some times we got together to work on some music, mostly as learning process. Couple of years later Marc had his first release on Kattiva, but I continued to keep it as a hobby, until two years ago.
Catatonic Overload
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