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Postby maschine » 10 Jun 2012, 07:12

Lop-Sided:Tbh, I'm relatively new to your music. Last year was the first time I heard about you and I've loved your music ever since. :) Thanks a lot for making great music and keep up the great work! :D

Anyway, my questions are:

Did you originally start out producing hardstyle or did you begin with another genre of music? Also, what music genres (other than hardstyle) do you enjoy?

I'm not sure if I'm being clear or not, but do you have a favorite sound or element to produce? In other words, is there a specific sound (such as a reverse bass or a saw lead, etc) that you enjoy making or is there a particular effect (such as a delay or bitcrusher) that you absolute love?

Other than producing music and DJing, what are your hobbies?

Thank you so much, mate! :D

I started with hardstyle :) ...but i did started playing around on Playstation's Music generator 2000 with trance/dance in the 2000-2001, but i wouldnt say that was serious :D

I cant say what is my favorite element as most of them has less or more of equal value :)

About hobbies/activities, playing games, watching movies, cooking, taking care of my cat, spending time with my girlfiend, meeting with friends, going out partying, doing nothing and so on and so on :) as you cant see is nothing anything extra-ordinary :)
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Postby atomicoz » 11 Jun 2012, 00:08

Big thanks to Ramūnas for answering all the questions! :)
Moving it into the interviews section now so it's archived
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