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[English] TCF Dark Meets ANGERFIST

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Postby JamKam » 23 Feb 2010, 12:50

An interview i done for a board i work for a while back. :) enjoy ..


Danny Masseling started making music at the age of 16. Beginning with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats etc, his interest in producing music started to grow. It almost became an obsession, and in the same addictive way as a crack junk smokes his dope, Danny worked on his music day and night. Always searching for improvement and development, his music became more and more professional. What first started out as connecting some loops into a track, slowly turned into serious hardcore house.

In the beginning of 2001 he decided to send a demo to BZRK Records. The well known record label, owned by Mark Vos (Buzz Fuzz). He listened to the demo, and decided he wanted to do serious buzzinezz with Danny. After a while of some mastering and editing, BZRK 33 was born. Under the alias Menace II Society the ‘Son Of A Bitch EP’ entered the market. Almost at the same time, the first ‘Angerfist EP’ was released on Overload Records. This was the first time, the name Angerfist appeared in the hardcore scene. Tracks as “Criminally Insane” and “Fuck Off” were immediately recognized as relatively big hits by the public. Danny had set foot in the scene.

Just a little while later, he released another record, under the name Kid Morbid. This MOH 027 release was also played a lot by DJ's. After this rush of records, his name was pretty well known. Now, 2 years later, people know his tracks and appreciate his style. Deep raw kicks, and uplifting melodies still punish the eardrums of party people around the world. He is dedicated to keep on making slamming hardcore house...

Danny changed his way of performing. In December 2005 he announced that he would face the wheels of steel on Masters of Hardcore 2006 (held on the 18th of February) as a DJ and not as a live performer.


Firstly Hey Danny, How is everything with you?

I’m doing great! Busy times, so that’s cool.

At what age where you when you first got into dance music and who where your biggest inspirations at the time?

When I was about 16 I got my first piece of music software. I experimented with simple loops and stuff. After that I got the first “real” producing software (Technomaker XXL ) and starting making music without pre-programmed beats. Back then Headbanger was one of my biggest heroes. With traxx like Dark Impulses and No Law he really inspired me. At the same time the first MOH compilations came, containing only the nu-sound. It sounded awesome to me, and I really wanted to do something similar.

Can you remember where your first gig was and what crowd capacity you played out to?

The first real gig was in 2003 in Dortmund on a Hellraiser party. It was pretty big (I gues around 1500-2000 people, I’m not very good at estimating a crowd) . We did our first live act there, and we were stressing about it the whole week before haha. So nervous...good times

You've firmly established yourself in key countries and continents around the world, how does the UK audience compare to those of other countries, particularly Holland and more importantly how do you think the northern Irish crowd compares to that of the rest of the UK?

UK crowds are always great. The atmosphere and enthousiasm is unique. I can’t really say that there is a big difference between Northern Ireland and Scotland for instance. They’re both awesome !
Playing in Holland is also great ofcourse, but you can imagine that if you see Angerfist 4 times a month you are not as excited anymore. But still there are a lot of parties here, where everybody goes wild all night long. It depends.
That’s also why playing somewhere else in the world on a regular basis is good for everybody.

Are there any countries out there that you have not played in yet but would love to make your debut in?

I’ve always had a thing for countries from Eastern Europe. I’m very excited to play in Poland for the first time this year. I played in Estonia once and also had a few contacts for a booking in Ukraine, but it never came through. Hopefully in the future, there will be more hardcore parties there.

You appear for the second time this year @ DARK on May 15th, what can the crowd expect this time round? Any new releases lined up?

I just released a new track called Legend, which I produced together with Predator. I’m very happy with that track, and it does well on the floor. A few weeks ago, I released another vinyl from the Mutilate album, together with a new track with Vince: No Fucking Soul. I’m working on a new record now, which is going to be more dark and raw than the previous stuff.
But I think I’ll do one more sampler from the album first, because there are still a few traxx that I really want on vinyl.

You've had many career highs and played some fantastic events and parties, what has been your best moments and why?

Hard to say. MOH parties are always great ofcourse. Sensation Black was very cool, and a big highlight was the live act at Defqon 2006 together with Outblast.
That was just insane !
But the best moments are always in the clubs, where you are close to the dancefloor and can really interact with the crowd.

To give us a look inside you current sets could you provide us with a top 10 list

In random order:

1. Predator & Angerfist – Legend
2. Hellsystem – Vor
3. Angerfist – Bite Yo Style
4. Dione – Eye Of The Storm (Angerfist Remix)
5. Neophyte & Evil Activities – Invasion
6. Despairful Tomorrow – And Hell Followed (Crucifier Remix)
7. Angerfist – Close To You
8. G-Town Madness & The Viper – Cliffhanger (Angerfist Refix)
9. Tha Playah – Mastah of Shock (Angerfist Remix)
10. Tommyknocker – Crunk

If any, What has been your most embarrassing moment when djing?

I remember one time at a party in Holland. For some reason the sound didn’t work properly and our live act was totally fucked up because the crowd could hardly hear the music. We never found out wat it was, but it SUCKED.
When I play a dj-set it’s always bad when a mix won’t go straight. But I guess every dj has that sometimes..

If you could choose one celebrity to be stuck in a lift with who would it be and why?

Probably Eminem, so I could ask him for a freestyle and record it for a new track.

And finally a few quickfire questions for you;

Coke or pepsi?
Mcdonalds or burger king?
Burger King
Beer or spirts?
Mask or no mask?
Sex or music?
Festivals or clubs?
Sleep or party?
Old or nu-skool?
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Postby Rawgenetics » 23 Feb 2010, 13:09

Angerfist nahhh.. is fun once in a while :P
What the hell should i put here.....

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Postby Synchronizer » 25 Feb 2010, 00:24

Nice read :)
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Postby Hardroller » 04 Mar 2010, 12:15

Raise your fist for ANGERFIST :dance:
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Postby Subject Zero » 07 Mar 2010, 18:04

Thats cool, i loved Angerfist like 2 years ago when i listened to hardcore a lot ;D

Now i know Angerfist likes Eminem.. always wondered why he used a lot of his vocals in his tracks :P
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