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[English] Getting to know Da Tweekaz

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Postby GolGotha » 29 Mar 2010, 21:38

As Octane and Squelcher prepare to welcome the internationally renowned Djs and Producers Da Tweekaz, to SEOne on the 14th November, we find out a little more about what makes them tick.


1. Full names
Kenth Kvien & Marcus Nordli

2. Place of birth
Kenth: Gjøvik (google map it!) Marcus: Oslo (do you really have to google map it?)

3. Age
We’re both 22 years old.

4. Childhood dream job
Kenth: I wanted to be a Disney drawer! xD
Marcus: A game reviewer (yeah im a nerd, deal with it)

5. Current job
Kenth: Full time electrician.
Marcus: Full time herb-medicin retail guy.. or something like that.

6. Worst fashion disaster
Kenth: I had dreadlocks as a child. (God that looked awfull)


7. Favourite dj set
Kenth: Headhunterz LIVE @ Q-base 2007
Marcus: JDA @ Q-base 2006

8. Dream venue/booking/event
Q-Dance (bow bow) Enough said!

9. Most embarrassing moment whilst performing
Last Saturday when we were playing @ Hardstyle DNA, I (Kenth) thought I had
set the vinyl slow down effect correct on the cd deck, but unfortunately.. When I hit
pause, it just went BOOM! Quiet xD

10. Best dj perk
WTF is a perk? haha

11. The other Tweekaz worst habit
Kenth about Marcus: Annoying Jerry Seinfeld humor when I’m in the WORST mood!
Marcus about Kenth: Oh God he loves his claps TOO MUCH!!

12. Best hangover cure
Being awesome and not having one!

13. Who irons your shirts?
Kenth: Mom haha
Marcus: I love my shirt wrinkly.. So no one!

14. Dogs or cats?
Caturday is upon us everyday!

15. Sun or snow?
Sun on a snowy day? :D

16. Favourite drink
Kenth: Gin Tonic!
Marcus: Martini Bianco (ICE COLD!)

17. Where do you see yourself in 40 yrs?
Kenth: Probably dead..
Marcus: In a waxing studio getting my backhair removed lol.

18. Chocolate or cheese?
Chocolate covered cheese (U gotta admit that would be AWESOME!?)

19. Your most wasted talent
Kenth: I can dance “jumpstyle” but never went pro...
Marcus: Im great in the sack, but I only get to show it to one girl. (awww)

20. What’s your first thought when you wake up?
Kenth: Morning already? FUCK!
Marcus: Go down wiener!

21. Muffins or cookies?
Kenth: Mufffiiiiiins!
Marcus: I eat ONE muffin..EVERYTIME we produce music (Kenth: Its true..he really does that)

22. Last film you watched
Kenth: Surrogates (awesome btw)
Marcus: Im guessing porn doesn’t count.. sooo..uhh The Hangover (while having a hangover)

23. First track you bought
Kenth: Michael Jackson single named “SCREAM”
Marcus: Backstreet Boys – Get Down

haha.. so gay

24. Last time you stayed home at the weekend?
Kenth: Really cant recall staying home the entire weekend without going out.
Marcus: About two weeks ago.

25. Why?
Marcus: A mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do. (I had to do the laundry and stuff.. ahemm)

26. Ryanair or Easyjet
Ryan Air sucks so hard.. xD Dunno about Easy jet. Probably suck too!

27. If you were a pie what kind of filling would you have?
Kenth: Berries of some sort?
Marcus: egg cheese and bacon (yummm)

28. What type of space creature are you?
Marcus: I am the almighty Gloknozoid (the bald kind)
Kenth: I'm a ZxqLmoniac (pronounce that shit HAH)

29. Are your nipples 'Tweekable"?
They are.. they really are :) Why dont you give them a go? :) *wave*

30. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yup, our logo is on the wall. so yes.. its EVERYWHERE! :O

31. Are you hot?
Its actually kinda cold here now.. (being autumn and everything). So no.. we're not hot.

32. Where were you this time last week?
Same place as we are now (in the studio)

33. What is your favourite animal?
We already said that! CATUUURDAY is EVVEERRYYDAAAY *singing*

34. Worst injury you've had?
Kenth: Broken nose (not going into details lol)
Marcus: Chronical kidney stone (That shit hurts like a MF!, and if you want the full story.. Ask me when im drunk! haha)

35. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Kenth: Beeing drunk and making no sense.. at all!
Marcus: Pretending that im not loosing my hair!

36. What do you want to know about the future?
Is 2012 really going to happen?? (Would be awesome tho)

37. How many keys are on your keychain?
Kenth: 1...
Marcus: Considering i have 4 keychains.. i would guess about .. 15? (but the key to my heart, is not on any of them)

And slightly more sensibly, what can we expect from your set at Octane vs. Squelcher?
Teh promozzz and some really cheese stuff! BE PREPARED! (we always love to end it really hard)

Why are you looking forward to help bring Hardstyle to the capital?
Because u need it! No more hardhouse for you naooo.. we're taking over! (Goodbye bonkers too!) muahaha

And the bonus question, by popular demand...
If you had to be stuck on a desert island with Golly, what would be the first thing you did ?

Kenth: Steal her cigarettes.. and then run like hell!
Marcus: Find another island (You have to stop telling international djs that you want to rape them!)
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