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Q&A with the Makers of Carnival of Doom - Art of Dance

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Postby Nightstalker » 14 Oct 2014, 14:03

Source: Facebook

Art of Dance & Q-dance launched their second hardcore alliance in 2013.
The creators of Dominator decided to team up again, this time for an indoor hardcore spectacle. With the Heineken Music Hall as the supreme location, the new savage collaboration was born. This year they return with the ‘Carnival of Doom’.
Hardcore Radio did a short Q&A with the leading team in hardcore!

Q: The line-up for ‘Carnival of Doom’ is very divers and powerful.
Why did you selected this line of artists?

A: Carnival of Doom represents the complete hardcore spectrum, which is our main objective. From mainstream to terror, from frenchcore to industrial, from the novice artist to the veteran, nobody is neglected and this event holds it all. We also think its important to show that hardcore is a global phenomenon. Our line-up is powered by prime artists from all over the world: Spain, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and of course the Netherlands. Each artist is an important piece to the hardcore totality we want to display.

Q: Why did Art of Dance & Q-dance decide to team up for a second event?
A: After almost 10 years of Dominator the fans screamed for an indoor event organised by our two companies. The call for a second hardcore alliance was so loud, that this was the inevitable next step. We did what our hardcore fans wanted and needed.

Q: The first edition of the new hardcore alliance was called “Nirvana of Noise’. Why did you decide to change the name after the successful and sold out first edition?

A: After the big hardcore success in 2013, our hardcore event got noticed by lawyers from the 90’s band ‘Nirvana’. It seemed that the success of our event echoed all the way to the U.S.A.. They threatened our event with lawsuits because we also had the word “Nirvana’ in the event title.

It sounds really absurd but it was fact. In the end we didn’t want to risk the continuation of the event and decided to change the name. We are convinced that the hardcore scene is stronger than a few lawyers in suits and that true hardcore people will embrace the new name as they did with the previous one.

Q: The Heineken Music Hall is known for its extreme loud sound possibilities. You go full force hardcore with ‘Carnival of Doom’?
A: Yes! Carnival of Doom will go full force, hardcore as it supposed to be. We do want to take this opportunity to criticise a bit on last year. Although we installed a badd-ass sound system, we had some very annoying errors in the system of 2013. It was not something that occurred the whole night but enough to say it was just not good enough. This year we will make sure this will not happen and that you will be blasted to pieces!

Q: Are there still tickets available?
A: Last years edition was sold out prior to the event. At this moment there are tickets available at To secure your entrance we advice to get your tickets in pre-sale.

Q: Can you give us a hint on this year’s anthem creator?
A: He is a he.
He is Italian.
He has a thing with breaking certain parts of the hand.
He is probably the most energetic on-stage performer.
Now you know?

AUSTRIA (Not Australia )
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Postby Jay » 14 Oct 2014, 15:08

Because it had "Nirvana" in the title hahahhaha. How fucking ridiculous is that.
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Postby Johnny250 » 14 Oct 2014, 16:04

Ok, Anthem is made by Noize Suppressor.
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