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Mad Dog interview for Thrillogy

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Postby Laksen » 30 Aug 2012, 21:26

Simon Simons just translated in English the interview I did for B2S magazie, so if oyu are interest here is it :)

Who wants to meet Mad Dog this summer doens't have to look for him on the Italian beach.This year he is selected to host the Hard
core-stage at Thrillogy, for this reason his scedule is very bussy and he is working with devotion on this event.
For Filippo organising/hosting the Thrillogy stage is a dream come true."My own stage in a gigantic location with all of my friends, everything has to be perfect this night so i'm inside my studio untill the 27th of october"

For this interview questions where not necessary because when we mentioned the word "Thrillogy" all the answers came directly to us. Filippo Calcagni has nothing else on his mind and we can
notice this."It is going to be super, people from different countrys are coming to Utrecht to party all night long. So I want to create an awesome atmosphere and a very, very special night at the Mad Dog stage.On the moment that B2S called me to host the stage I instantly knew my plan, it is going to be a typical Italian stage:a lot of hardcore and a great party vibe." It seems to be a natural thing for Filippo to make difficult decisions, he knows what he wants and he works very hard to achieve his goals, for this reason creating a cool line-up was an easy task" the first thing I did after i heard the great news was inviting The Stunned Gus, Tommyknocker, Nico & Tetta, AniMe, Unexist, Noize Suppressor and Art of Fighters and of course I invited my dutch buddies Nosferatu, Tha Playah and MC Jeff." With this team Filippo will tear the roof of the Jaarbeurshallen.

The way the stage has to look is also clear to Filippo, for him it is not only about playing the right records, or the bookings of the right artists: " I want the fans to be all around me, I want it to be like a 'friendsparty' not just another event" It is clear to us that
Mad Dog works hard and devoted to make this party perfect "I will also make a new track specialy for this night wich I will call Thrill or something like that"

Besides brainstorming about Thrillogy and the preparations that he has to make to play all night long he is also very bussy in his studio. He skipped his holidays to put all of his attention and energy in this and other big projects."On the 4th of october I want to release
the previews for my new records. I will produce a new ep with 4 or 6 tracks so I am working hard to get it finished and I hope I can release it before thrilogy.I also promise that 3 or 4
months after Thrillogy I will release another ep with 6 tracks.In my opinion quality is more important than quantity and to release the album in parts to maintain the high quality in my
music is the best option."The whole traxtorm gang(family) is working hard to wright history in october"
Filippo is the host this night, but he wants to mention that he stands there on behalf of the Traxtorm label and all of his colleagues.Make sure you are there on the 27th of october to be a witness of a unforgetable party with that Italian hardcore family!!!!!
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Postby Johnny250 » 30 Aug 2012, 22:01

I'm still kinda dissapointed that he didn't invited Amnesys, he's the best man from Traxtorm ...
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