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Interview with Sebastian Hoff about the new changes coming to TTM.

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Postby gabberis » 14 Mar 2017, 14:16

As we had announced across our social media channels last month, some big changes are under way at The Third Movement - we have a different focus, a brand new website, an updated roster of artists with more positive change on its way. We've sat down with label manager Sebastian Hoff to discuss his new outlook for The Third Movement and its future.

There are a lot of things happening at The Third Movement right now! One of them is their brand new website, Why the overhaul?

We decided that it’s time for a new direction for our label and it has been over 10 years since we've updated our website so, it was about time. The way that people listen to music has completely changed over the last few years so we wanted to offer a new futuristic design and a site that is very easy to use in order to discover the new Third Movement releases and its artists. It is the beginning of a series of new developments here at The Third Movement headquarters. I have a new vision for the future of our label and I decided that the first step towards that vision was a complete overhaul of the website.

After looking at the sleek new website, we can't help but notice that the artist roster has now been cut in half! What's going on at The Third Movement?

We have invested a lot of time in developing new talents and we think it’s now time to try to take our artists to the next level. After investing time in development, sometimes things just do not work out or priorities shift for us as label or for the artist. We are now ready to move forward with a small but strong team and that is why I've decided to continue only with the artists that are 100% loyal and dedicated to The Third Movement. This also benefits the artists since I can now spend more time on a smaller group. Our label and its artists really stand for a particular style and quality and I think that it is only fair to keep developing and trying to see how far we can get with our movement. For me personally, it’s also a big challenge and a new step in my career. Looking at today’s Hardcore scene, I think it’s time for a (musical) change and I am convinced our producers can be a big part of that. People are fed up with the standard sound that is out there now; the sudden rise of N-Vitral proves that in my opinion. I think we need to go back to a harder and darker form of Hardcore where our foundations were built on. Hardcore needs to be aggressive again and I think we have an excellent group of artists to represent that sound.

You've put a substantial amount of effort into developing upcoming talent's and new producers with everything from step by step YouTube tutorials to hours upon hours of personal one on one studio time, but after looking at the new TTM roster, we don't see anything but established artists. Are you pulling away from up-and-comers, and what has fueled this decision?

I think that I can say that with The Third Movement, we have given a lot of talents a chance over the past 10 years. We are probably one of the few labels that actually reacts with feedback when you send over a demo. All this feedback and help that you are giving costs a lot of time and effort and got to the point where I was spending more time helping talents than on my own music. With the help that you are giving, there's a certain expectation that your efforts will be rewarded-to see them take the knowledge that they receive and become something, but most of the time they are not willing to commit and put the time in that is needed to establish themselves as an artist. This is not something that you can do once a month or even once a week, it’s something that you need to go for 100%. So for now I feel like I've done my part. To implement my new plans with the label, I need to be able to fully focus on our artists and the task at hand. This does not mean that we will not sign new talents in the future, but we are no longer actively looking for them. Also the amount of guest releases will be tuned down so we can create more room and visibility for our own guys.

That is a really interesting turn of events for you. So with all of these new changes implemented, where will The Third Movement be going from here?

We are going to head out into the battlefield and claim back the throne! hahaha. We hope to inspire the masses and with our new and improved look and team of gifted artists, I know that we can offer up a massive contribution to the next 10 years of Hardcore music. Like a wise man once said, movement is improvement ;)
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