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Exclusive! F.Noize Interview

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Postby kescore » 03 Jul 2015, 19:35

Thought it's time to post something new here :wave:

It's an exclusive interview at written by Allan Smith (the mastermind behind Toxic Sickness)

Any true fan of uptempo, hard hitting hardcore will have heard of F.Noize. His career is going from strength to strength, playing all over the world most weekends to his thousands of fans. Core caught up with him this week - here's what he had to say!

Hi Francesco, thanks for taking some time out to answer my questions! I'm sure your fans will love to get an insight into your musical life. How are you?

Thanks to you Allan, I'm good, a bit stressed but the summer is close, so my holidays are at the door.

For anyone that doesn't know your background can you tell us how you broke into the hardcore scene?

Well my story could be compared to a movie, it was so varied and full of twists and turns that no one would ever expect this. I started to listen to hardcore at the ago of 13, but I was only a fan, not an artist. My first hardcore track I heard was "The Stunned Guys and Paul Elstak – Thrillseeka", I loved it the first time I listened to it, so I started to DJ with my cousin, Dj Simox as a game. Usually we played everything, from the commercial, to the hardstyle, but at the time my technique with other genres wasn't the I started to play hardcore which was the only music I could play better than him at that time. Our days were made up purely by music,we listened to the radio, when we didn't do that we played on the turntables, when we were not playing, we were producing. We were both roughly the age of 13 sat in front of the PC.

Time passed and my cousin started playing in big clubs around Rome, and I followed him because music became my real focus in life. One day in a club called "Cyborg", during a party I met Alessandro Dilillo aka Noize Suppressor. At that time he was for me one of the greatest exponents of Italian hardcore and had always been one of my favourites, so I asked him if I could push a button on his drum machine, he said yes, and after the roar of the kick played through the room, he looked at me and said "you are the true Noize suppressor". I think that day something changed in my life, because after that, my friends started to Call Me "Noize", as my nickname.

At that time I had started to produce reverse bass hardstyle, because hardcore was too complex and elaborate for a boy of 16 who did not even know anything about music production, but few years later I was noticed by DJ Vortex Aka Vextor, with the remix of a track for "Paolo Marocco" Called "Black turin". I joined the Vortex crew, Hardforum, and with them I started my own project, my own career, I started the "F. Noize Project".

My first gig ever was the 15 of November in 2008, in a very tiny club of Rome called "I Professionisti". I continued to play for the clubs of Rome and around Italy for few years, we then organised the first Industrialized in The "Global Village" club, or Rome, or a place like a squat, but big enough to do party of 4000 people, and trust me NOW do such a party, in ROME is IMPOSSIBLE.

But back to my story, in 5 years, thanks to "Global Village" the hardcore scene in Rome has flourished, and its strong. I've started to define my style, that characterises me so much today, just inside that place, dirty, smelly and fucking underground. My DJ skills arrived at a great level but I still felt incomplete, because playing and producing are two things that should go hand in hand, but you need quality time and if you do not have good teachers it's really hard to learn.

After days and days of pushing Vextor for help, he taught me the basic of Cubase, and than we started our first HARDCORE Ep Together, HCMALICE #013, including "Real fight" and "Farinas therapy". This last track, I really want to mention because it's dedicated to the guy that built my mask "Stefano Farina" that's why the track was called "FARINA's THERAPY".

The artist manager of Hc Malice at that time was Dave Dope, he was friends with Partyraiser, so he sent Wesley my ep. When I discovered that the mighty Partyraiser played one of my first tracks in a big festival, I was the happiest man on the EARTH, so I sent him a Fb message, just to say thanks, nothing more, and I can remember he didn't even answer as well, but before the Last Thunderdome XX, I thought it would be cool to send Wesley my remix of 6 Million ways to die.
That track was made 2 years before, but I never shared it or released it because I thought it wouldn't fit into the current hardcore scene, the concept of uptempo still didn't exist in the hardcore scene, and Partyraiser was the one and only DJ who played that kind of music.

Wesley played my remix at the last Thunderdome, the feedback of the people was unbelievable, when he said that was my remix, my Facebook page went crazy, and I reached more than 2 thousand followers, just after that set. I really think that was the thing that triggered the spark in Partyraiser, I mean, before that I was just a normal DJ, after, I received the message from him, to collab for his new label, he asked me to do a track, and guess what? the track I made was "Sentenced" with Andy the Core. Another BIG success!
After that, my rise was fast and unexpected. We started a concept of new hardcore, and we brought Uptempo to Another level. I had my first Dutch Booking at Thrillogy 2013 together with my 2 mentors and with X-mind..after that probably you know the story....
You've written numerous popular tracks over the years and have managed to carve out a style all of your own. Which track do you think got peoples attention? Personally, I think it may be the 6 million ways to die remix but you may think different :)

As I said before, 6 million ways to die is definitely an important track, but Farina's Therapy too, it brings me the memories of the "Global Village" time, and the meaning for me is very strong.

"Lord of the Underground" and "Superman 2012" are also very important for me, and believe it or not them two and "Get ready" are the only 3 tracks that were ever refused from a label.

You've been signed with Footworxx bookings for some time now, how did it feel being asked to join their agency?

When I signed the contract with Footworxx I had a "Foot in the tomb" literally. No jobs, my DJ passion was just a passion without a real income, and my mother was pissed off because I could not be independent and I was almost kicked out my house because I can't find a real You can ask her, after I signed to Footworxx I said, "I will leave this house ASAP", I will be a pro DJ!

She just looked at me and said: "Find a real Job instead of doing this bullshit! GO TO WORK!"

I think she never understood my gift until I became independent and popular with my work. When I joined Footworxx I was happy because finally, someone BIG noticed me and was giving me the chance to do what I always loved to do.

Partyraiser has given you a lot of support over the past few years with your tracks and your DJ sets, how did your friendship start with him?

As I said before, I don't know...He played a few of my tracks, I said thanks, that's it..After we played together at Thrillogy it was magic!...After that, every time we spin the decks together it got better and better, and for me he has become like a second father. It's more than a friend or just a mentor, we've got almost the same tastes of music. He certainly makes me feel like one of his lovely Family, and I'm so proud about it.

Talk us through how you felt when you played your first event/festival that had thousands of people there, were you nervous? What goes through your mind just before going on stage?

I was nervous? No, not even Vextor, X-mind or Wesley, just imagine, first gig in Netherlands, the mother of all Hardcore parties, THRILLOGY, something like 12000 or more people in front of you on the stage... I think the week before the party, all of us, were sick... with problems going to the toilet, nervous fever and everything else, but after that party, I felt like a god on earth, ha ha ha!!

Where did the idea come from for you to perform in a mask? Why did you pick that particular mask?

My mask is a gift, hand made by a fan, he's now a friend, "Stefano Farina". He made it before I was popular around the world, I started to use it because I saw people loved it, and I took it like a lucky gift, from a person that kept supporting me.

You're a busy guy working with a lot of producers, do you have any special collaborations lined up you can tell us about?

I have tons of new collabs, but really not enough time to do them...I can say I've almost finished my new Ep with System Overload (a 3 track ep), as System Noize, and it will be released on Megarave Records soon. We also finished our track "Gabbers in Pariz", I'm doing a new track with Onesimik " a single track for the Da Mouth of Madness Album, then I have some other projects with BIG BIG BIG artists/labels of the scene, but I can't say more or they will cut off my balls!

If there's anyone out there who hasn't seen you perform before what can they expect, can you sum it up in three words?

Hyperactive, captivating, devastating!!

Can you give us a list of five tracks that you think have been doing damage in the clubs?

Real Damage? MMMh my concept of real damage is quite hard, if I have to say the first 5 Killing track that come in my mind now are:
Andy the Core vs F. Noize - Sentenced
F. Noize ft Glenx - Superman 2012
Partyraiser & Scrapface – Listen to the noise
F. Noize vs Nekrosystem - Spakkamo tutto
Deterrent Man & Drokz – Beef with the police

Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 years is a lot! 5 years ago, I was a nobody. I learned that it is difficult to imagine the future even if I try always to understand how could it be...but, of course, I see myself always rocking the clubs, with another mask probably, with more experience and I hope I'll always be on top.

The only thing I know for certain is that in 5 years, I will be the same F. Noize like now, with the passion for music that I love so much and that has changed my life.
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