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Postby KRB-MP » 28 Sep 2017, 16:51

@ EMi
Well, I guess it's in the wrong section cause this track sounds really hardcore, but that's not so important in my opinion, it's a good one, I pretty like the second part, maybe the kick needs to be a more distorted, but a nice track in general, even if I'm not really into hardcore

So, this one should be better than my previous one, I guess, whatever, here's the new one
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Postby EMi » 29 Sep 2017, 00:31

Well, I guess it's in the wrong section cause this track sounds really hardcore, but that's not so important in my opinion, it's a good one, I pretty like the second part, maybe the kick needs to be a more distorted, but a nice track in general, even if I'm not really into hardcore

So, this one should be better than my previous one, I guess, whatever, here's the new one

i like the track, the screeches flows good and the melody is good too, but i think it needs more works on transitions, cutoffs and that. i also would made a dinamic bass on the climax drop but i guess you wanted to make it more nu hardstyle, which still sounds good.

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Postby Krystaal » 29 Sep 2017, 17:28

@Fort Noxious; really love it nicely made, i like the vibe of those chords! synth is on point aswell ;P

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Postby TECHNOLOUDERZ » 03 Oct 2017, 23:05

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Postby TECHNOLOUDERZ » 03 Oct 2017, 23:11

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Postby F8 » 04 Oct 2017, 10:16

@PyroFlow Paahhh - RIP interesting melody intro is out of standarts and 157 bpm its too fast for me.
@xelnadu X'el Nadu - La Noche Triste (v3) melody is fine but too hard kick in the intro and the rhythm sounds faster then usually.

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Postby The RaveN » 04 Oct 2017, 13:39

I like the old school theme :D I like the kick really much, but I'm not sure if it is your own.
Here is what I think you can do
  1. Better mixdown
  2. More Element
  3. Consider to rewrite the melody
  4. Fix the wierd rythm variations like going from 1/3 to 1/4
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Postby Neko » 04 Oct 2017, 14:27

please give feedback to the guys above first, you'll be skipped otherwise. Those are the rules. Like this, everyone gets feedback :)

Beautiful Kick! I'd put more reverb on the effects after the mixing intro, they sound really dry and it seems pretty empty there right before the midintro. The "bleep" sound fits really well, but just add more different sounds there.
The melody doesn't seem to fit that nicely in there, especially because I'd suggest to create a proper build up towards the mainpart. Youre building up the second mainpart with a snare loop which is fine and a step in the right direction, but you can use sweeps, claps and many different effects to build up tension which you release with the mainpart. So yeah, the points "the Raven" pointed out are the things you could work on. Nice effort buddy keep it up!

- Interstellar
Beautiful. The drums add so much, really liking those. The synth comes in pretty surprising. Maybe you could record the reverb of the synth, reverse it and place it right before it comes in or push the volume of the sample a bit if you already done this. That way, the listener is prepared a bit for it you know? Synth itself is awesome, maybe a bit too much white noise in there. Lovely atmosphere.
- Exposure
Youre loving those drums aswell dont you :D I think the bass follows the chord stabs a bit too much, I'd consider playing the bass halftime. Tames the whole part down a bit I guess. Sounds so much like atmozfears' synth, really well made!
Still a bit too much white noise in the synth for my taste, also, for my taste, the kick is a bit drowned. I know that in euphoric the kick doesn't stand out that much in the mix as in rawstyle so thats a taste thing for sure, I would just put more emphasis on it. Melody is a bit too chaotic for me, I mean its absolutely fine and very well written, just another taste thing I guess. Nothing to criticize here, mixdown is on point.
Great job. Its all not my genre though.

The kick seems to be quite muddy unfortunately, maybe thats the kick itself or its because the mixdown needs some work. That is, because the screech has a high amount of lows which you wanna cut. The Crash is a bit too loud for my taste and the sweep at 0.36 aswell (has also many lows). When you pitch the kick low after that, it loses power so maybe try a different pitch algorithm or plugin. The second kick at 1.00 is way snappier at the attack which I like but also sounds muddy in the tail. I also miss more variation in effects and the screech, you easily can fit a second or third screech in there.
As for the break, there could be more happening to keep it interesting. I know thats sometimes hard to do. If you could find more vocals it would fit the purpose for sure. The melody follows not much of a real melodic structure, maybe you can try and put in some rhythmic and tonal structures. You're hitting wrong notes here and there and the bass tones or lower tones which define the bass in the break dont fit as good. So thats a musical issue and thats very very hard to learn. Maybe pick a track from an established producer in a style similar to yours and reconstruct its melody. Analyse it through, regarding the keys used and which upper tones are incorporated with every key. Try to get your head around why for example a given note only fits one certain key and so on. There are rules within this issue which can be really complicated to understand but unfortunately its pretty important to learn. I mean, you obviously understood the basics of it cause you pitch your kick correctly in the mainpart. I really hope I didn't destroy your motivation to improve, I just try to steer you towards the things I think come up next for you to learn, you know.
Structurewise your track is absolutely ok though. i like how you build up drops and evey part has a length which is not too short and not too long so great job there. There was thinking behind the structure and you can clearly hear it. Keep on producing buddy!!
My newest track was heavily inspired by Game of thrones season 6 finale, first big scene of the episode. Maybe you'll recognize it ;)

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Postby KRB-MP » 07 Oct 2017, 23:28

I absolutely love this track, even if I never watched GoT ahah ^^ Seriously, a well made track, I don't really know what to say in fact, I'm impressed, everything fits perfectly in my opinion, I really like how you made the melody to stay in the extract's atmosphere.
Also I like all the small effects you use, true hardstyle spirit in my opinion.

Well, for the first time I won't post a whole track, only the intro, in this one I'll try to use VSTs that are a bit forgotten by producers, such as Sytrus, Vanguard, Hydra, z3ta+, 3xosc, I'm experimenting with these and in my opinion this one will be a good one ;)

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Postby The Earfucker » 11 Oct 2017, 16:06

@NEKO Sounds nice again good intro nice vocals i like the melody Also
only why do you often use the same type of kick?

@KRB Not bad
There may be some more variation in the song
maybe an additional melody
The kick may also needs some more power

here something I've been busy with
Sorry about the bad downmix

With a rock atmosphere

This is a smal preview still needs some work
I'm not sure about the melody

And here a Hardcroe freestyle production
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Postby Asklepios » 12 Oct 2017, 20:24

The Earfucker Not my style so I'm not the best to judge. It is a bit like you're not alone in your mind. It's totally crazy. Maybe it's a bit too "ravy" for me. I would improve overall mixing and play more with pan as it can give some nice effects.

KRB-MP It lacks variations. One kick and one synth is not enough imo, add more elements and details.

Neko I was really expecting a sidechained second part. Globally, I like it but in my taste, a more "dreamy" lead would have been better for first part.

Kristal Nice melodies and nice atmospheres. Buildups parts needs more elements, more details. Main lead needs small improvements, maybe tweak the cutoff lfo and resonance. Good job tho.

Haven't produce hardstyle for some times but had fun doing this :fist:
There just might be a gremlin in your house
Feel free to ask ;-)
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 13 Oct 2017, 12:33

@KRB: A really trancy feel to the whole thing, kick could use more work. Everything is really clean, but also lacks a lot of reverb- Overall pretty decent imo.

@Earfucker: Not really into hc but the tracks you posted all need better mixdown and mastering

@Askleiopos: Kick sounds big, lead big. The kick is a little bit back in the mix at least the tok, but otherwise sounds really great, its full and powerfull, great job

Working on a "remix" of a finnish polka track
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Postby The Convicted » 14 Oct 2017, 10:41

Asklepios: I was excited to hear the remix, but then the Frontliner sample kick came in... haha :P It would be a nice raw attempt for the future though.
NRx: I think the melody part is way too much, if you're going to complete it once. I would decide which parts to keep.

My next try, pretty bad maybe, but there's a lack of this type of hardstyle these days.

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Postby Snap » 15 Oct 2017, 10:56

NRx: Very clean sound, nice mix, but it also sounds quite incomplete to me, but that will probably change when you add the finishing touches FX etc.

Convicted: I'm not particularly well versed in the old school sound, but it sounds really legit to me. I like it!

Here is mine, very early WIP.
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Postby butterprickol » 15 Oct 2017, 12:07

NRx: Please do a Melbourne Bounce Edit of this one! Awesome track! (L)

The Convicted: Sounds like legit Oldschool! Keep it up.

Snap: Nice melody and kick! <3

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