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Postby hardstyleprem1um » 02 Feb 2018, 21:49

Always funny to see the fans defending HHZ on whatever he decide to do.
It's always "Quality takes time" bla bla bla.

HHZ is acting like a frikkin rockstar. It's just pathetic :rofl:

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Postby Emre » 02 Feb 2018, 21:51

Well tbh I rather wait for tracks in this way, than wait for tracks while they're in 3 or 4 podcasts already and I have to stop myself from overplaying them 24/7.
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Postby Twixel » 02 Feb 2018, 22:04

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Postby The Convicted » 02 Feb 2018, 22:16

I'm actually fine with not showing any of his promos, but why is it that always ALMOST the same tracks are included whenever it's a throwback-kinda episode? It's like the 3rd/4th time, but nothing really "new"... meh.

Edit: I've heard they choose them because these were milestones or smth, but still...

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Postby mrcax5 » 02 Feb 2018, 22:18

I wonder what'll come first: Brutal 14, or a preview of a new Headhunterz track.

best one in comment section :rofl: :rofl:
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Postby GamerZoneUSA » 02 Feb 2018, 22:34

Obviously by soon he means in time for Christmas guys :+
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Postby shurk » 02 Feb 2018, 22:39

GamerZoneUSA:Obviously by soon he means in time for Christmas guys :+

when exactly? christmas 2020?
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Postby Andi Veron » 02 Feb 2018, 22:54

Studio looks like a cheap copy of Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance Radio Studio.
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Postby propells » 02 Feb 2018, 23:05

sOooOoOOoooOoooOoOOOooon guis
I think we all know the answer.. Explosions!
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Postby SarahKerrigan » 02 Feb 2018, 23:35

Feel like Headhunterz's saying ITS COMING SOON more than pornstars are saying IM COMING SOON

Ridiculous how there hasn't been much about it other than SOON™, I get the exclusiveness and wanting to perfect the tracks but damn, this is how you overhype something and just hype it too long before it's finally released and people are bored of it. Cough cough, Duke Nukem..

He even said the album was finished, he just wanted to wait on his own label to release it "in the right way", feels like he missed an opportunity featuring SOME parts of SOME tracks at least in this episode and a set releasedate for it.
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Postby Bomberz » 03 Feb 2018, 00:05

I am beyond disappointed (6)
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Postby th3r3zo » 03 Feb 2018, 00:26

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: wtf
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Postby noiseshock_of » 03 Feb 2018, 01:42

you guys do realize you're giving exactly the attention that is expected with this kind of marketing right
hmu if u agree
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Postby ThePrincipal » 03 Feb 2018, 02:06

^ This :)
Heady hooked you all in like fish in the river ;)

Sucked in the lot of you - the music will come when he wants it to and we all have to deal with that

You want a fresh and exciting podcast - Unleashed has always been that (5 year anniversary next week :) )
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Postby John Cove » 03 Feb 2018, 08:18

You want a fresh and exciting podcast - Unleashed has always been that (5 year anniversary next week :) )

His podcast is 97 % based on rawstyle (except the first 1-2 tracks).

After 30 minutes it's always:

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