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Thyron - The Dome [I AM HARDSTYLE]

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Postby Rocko » 21 Sep 2021, 23:00

Catalog Number: IAH060
Release Date: 23-09-2021
Format: Digital
Source: FB

01. The Dome

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Postby Emre » 21 Sep 2021, 23:05

Finally the release, great tune _O_

At least 1.5 years old.. judging by the vocals this was made for Qapital 2020.
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Postby The Blaster » 22 Sep 2021, 01:16

that's so awful and so far away from my taste.

before that tape stop there is a pretty cool melo, I hope that part is extended, but after that is madness, listened 5 times and still can't "follow" it, not sure how to put it because it's not exactly chaotic, maybe I just don't understand the need for a million kicks in a track. 1 would have sufficed here
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Postby Xurreal » 22 Sep 2021, 21:49

The Blaster:maybe I just don't understand the need for a million kicks in a track. 1 would have sufficed here

I thought this was usually used for the rather non-melodic xtraraw or to distract from lack of melodic creativity, though I'm not sure why Thyron's using 'em in this case.

Guess I'm simply too old to understand where this trend is going.
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Postby Shodan » 22 Sep 2021, 21:55

Ty added to op -Rocko
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Postby jeff » 22 Sep 2021, 22:02

Dont like it at all
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Postby th3r3zo » 23 Sep 2021, 16:20

Nice one i like it :dance:
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Postby SKRWD » 23 Sep 2021, 18:02

th3r3zo:Nice one i like it :dance:

x2 Nice track <3
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Postby M3dia » 24 Sep 2021, 19:38

Good track, agreed!

And to the convo with kicks and it being "chaotic", I think that's the current style of how to have good energy without the track being too long so DJ's skip the cool parts? :D
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