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Postby The Convicted » 16 Mar 2014, 12:32

I noticed it's a recurring problem that many of the hardstyle release topics are void, the very important things are sometimes missing, so I decided to collect what I consider to be important to know:

The most important:

- Label's name: it's obvious I guess. Source probably refers to the name or you know the label without mentioning it, because you know where the producer(s) is/are releasing his/their tracks.
- Release date: exact or appromixate, doesn't matter. Approximate means that it has to name the month at least (for e.g. April 2014). At albums, the season of the coming album is already enough, like summer or autumn (of course the source should include it).
- Format: the source mentions, if it's a CD or a DVD. In other cases, it's obviously "Digital", "Vinyl 12" or both.
- Source: that is the most essential thing about a release topic. If you don't have any reliable sources, please don't open a topic, or it will be closed (note: is considered to be a reliable and accurate source, feel free to use it).

Not so important (at the opening of course!):

- Cover
- Catalog number
- Tracklist: worth some words. At the albums, you don't need to have a tracklist first, but at compilations, you need the artists who mixed the CDs with source, and at artist albums, the fact you have other important informations (with a source of course) is enough. At a single release, there must be at least one track that is certainly the part of the release and the source should mention it.
- Samples: I think it's important to know how a track sounds like to know what will be released, but not the most. If you have a sample (or samples), just make sure it's the track/those are the tracks that is/are included in the release.

At the end, please strive to fill the first post with all the informations the topic requires. All I said refers to what you should have to open a topic at least ;) I can do the work, too, but do it, if you can :P

One another thing is the title of the topic. The form should be like:

Artist(s) - Release name [Label's name]

For e.g.: Blutonium Boy & Eric Bazilian - Where Did I Go [Blutonium Records]

I hope it's actually helpful to all of you and ease the work of mods with considering these things :)
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