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Proto Bytez - Fire Up [Scantraxx Silver]

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Postby dafuq » 23 Sep 2016, 11:50

Label: Scantraxx Silver
Catalog Number: SSL068
Release Date: 05-10-2016
Format: Digital
Source: Youtube

01. Proto Bytez - Fire Up

I started this gangsta shit and this the motherfuckin' thanks I get?!
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Postby th3r3zo » 23 Sep 2016, 16:12

(L) (L) (L) i love this
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Postby John Cove » 23 Sep 2016, 16:46

Very nice indeed :)
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Postby Frenic » 23 Sep 2016, 17:34

Very good track! :)
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Postby JVR » 24 Sep 2016, 23:00

Thanks guys!! (L) _O_
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Postby JVR » 05 Oct 2016, 13:17

Track got released today! :fist: :fist: :fist:
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Postby Emre » 05 Oct 2016, 13:20

Great tune (L)
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