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Phuture Noize - Sharks [Black Mirror Society]

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Postby Emre » 20 May 2020, 10:46

Good track indeed, nothing refreshing but I guess Marco will have some out of the box tunes on the album, I trust him on that.
The world is not as it should be.
It's filled with distortion.
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Postby pscl » 20 May 2020, 13:15

I love it... his sound design is (in my opinion) one of the best in the scene... :dance:
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Postby th3r3zo » 20 May 2020, 16:22

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Postby PiozMioz » 20 May 2020, 17:23

Intro, outro, visuals and artwork... wow. Just art. That's what I love from him - it's got a concept.
Lovely melody and vocals - the only thing that I miss (incl. BMS) are some more energetic kicks.
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Postby Spaceman » 20 May 2020, 17:47

So streaming only? at least i can't find it on juno or beatport :sick: .

I like the vocals and overall it's a good track but is missing something special.
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Postby HS_Mark » 21 May 2020, 09:06

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Postby Amperial » 21 May 2020, 23:07

Kinda doesn't make sense that the track sounds rather happy/upliftig while the lyrics aren't really.

Other than that i am really interested in the story behind the lyrics.

Also there are a lot of people in the comments calling it art but don't actually try to get the deeper meaning behind some productions.
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Postby Segugio » 22 May 2020, 20:10

Pretty good track, but significance of burning oil well is completely lost on me.
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