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Links and labels - Hardstyle

Discuss all hardstyle releases here.

Postby Rocko » 17 May 2022, 22:59

Feel free to post additions & corrections to the lists.
Aim is to have an up-to-date library for you to get info more easily.
Won't be including dead or obsolete sites & labels in this topic for now.
Labels list surely misses something as I'v only included the obvious ones from the last 4 months or so.

Last updated: 06-08-2022

Helpful Links

Youtube (all around info on everything)
Facebook (all around info on everything)
Instagram (all around info on everything)
Discord (all around info on everything)
R/Hardstyle (all around info on everything)
Hardtraxx (all around info on everything, google translate for us foreign peepz)
Hard News (all around info on everything)
Discogs (artist + label + catalogue info)
1001tracklists (artist+track info)
Lsdb (artist+track info)
Lololyrics (artist+track info)
Partyflock (party info)
Releasebomb (release info) (release info)
Hardtunes (release info)
Beatport (release info)
Junodownload (release info)
Deezer (release info)
Google Play (release info)
iTunes Store (release info)

Hardstyle labels (catalog code inside brackets)

2-Dutch BV
- Dutch Master Works [DMW]
-- DMW Hybrid [DMWH]

Aggressive Records [AR]

Akkros Records[AREC]
- Akkros Awakken [AWK]

APEX Records [APEX]

Be Yourself Music [BYM]
- Art Of Creation [AOC]
-- Art Of Creation: Eternity [ETY]
- Derailed Traxx [DT]
- ID&T
-- Q-Dance [QxxxPRO]
--- Qore [QORE]
--- Speqtrum [SPQxxxPRO]

Basscon Records [BSC]

Barong Family [BF]

Blackbox Digital [BBD]

Black Mirror Society [BMS]

Break The Rules Records [BTR]

Cloud 9 Dance
- Minus Is More [MINUS]
-- Minus Is More The Apprentice [MINUS]

Edinet S.r.l. Publishing Group
- Activa Records [ACTDIG]
-- Activa Dark [ACTDRK]

End Of Line [EOL]

Freaky Records [FREAKY]
- Fusion Records [FUSION]

Gearbox Digital [GBD]
- Gearbox Euphoria [GBE]
- Gearbox Revolutions [GBR]

Hard Music Records [HMR]

Heart For Hard [H4H]
- Indus3 Records [i3]

Identity Records [ID]

Keeping The Rave Alive [KTRAR]

Kiss & Ride [KNR]

Mandala Music [MDL]

Make You Dance [MYD]
- Nightbreed Records [NBQ]

Massive Dynamic Records [MD]

My Way Music [MYM]

Nutty Traxx [NUTTY]

Rave Alert [RAVE]

Rave Culture [RVC]

Rebl Records [REBL]

RSLVD Records [RSR]

Roughstate [ROUGH]
- Rough Recruits [ROUGHR]

RSU Records [RSU]

Savage Squad Recordings [SSR]
- Savage Squad Recordings OZ [SSROZ]

Scantraxx [SCAN]
- Scantraxx Evolutionz [EVO]
- Scantraxx Carbon [SCARB]
- Scantraxx Prospexx [PRSPX]
- Scantraxx Silver [SSL]

Spoontech [SPOON]

Theracords [THER]
- Greazy Recordz [GREAZYPRO]
- TC Records [TCRECPRO]

This Is Hardstyle [TIH]

Toff Music [TOFF]
- Dirty Workz [DWX]
-- Acid Reign [ACR]
-- Audiophetamine [APHET]
-- DWX Copyright Free [DWX]
-- DWX Update [DWX]
-- Wolf Clan [WLF]

Triplex Records [TR]

Upcoming Records [UPR]

Warner Music Group
- Spinnin' Records [SR]
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Postby Emre » 17 May 2022, 23:14

Thanks for all the effort, great job :)
Rest in hell, motherfucker.
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 18 May 2022, 00:03

I feel like a fking idiot not realizing that Speqtrum = Q-Dance
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Postby Rocko » 18 May 2022, 00:09

lilfrenchidiot:I feel like a fking idiot not realizing that Speqtrum = Q-Dance

Heh I had a tough time deciding if I should just list everything alphabetically or include the parent label structure. Felt more informative this way. I learned something new too :p
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