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Ecstatic Feat. Krigarè - Dead to Life [Dirty Workz]

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Postby RPGWiZaRD » 28 Mar 2018, 20:43

Ecstatic tracks always have such huge atmosphere, probably among the very top producers (if not the top) right now if you're looking for wonderful atmosphere. :) Keep doing what you do guys, you've really found your niche so to speak.
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Postby rupertbayern » 29 Mar 2018, 12:11

Yeah that's a fucking tune _O_ I'm definitely going to their set at defqon
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Postby macdz » 30 Mar 2018, 09:15

NEKA:Intense atmosphere, definitly a track that makes people cry live!

Lately, I only remember myself crying at Phrantic - World On fire, damn. Back in the days, I used to cry a lot listening to hardstyle. Artists don't make me do this anymore :p

I see Ecstatic grow as fuck :hat:
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Postby Ecstatic » 04 Apr 2018, 14:08

Once again we appreciate your support! _O_
Put it on repeat at your favorite streaming portal: (H)
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Postby lukluk007 » 16 Apr 2018, 14:21

Awesome vocal and melody. (L) _O_
One of best tracks this year.
You are very talented guys. _O_
Don't crap out it please. (H)
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Postby Qre8ive » 27 Apr 2018, 09:01

holy crap, just heard it for the first time (how i missed this :fist: ) but DAMN this atmosphere _O_
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