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Code Black - Brighter Day (Toneshifterz Remix) [I AM HARDSTYLE]

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Postby ZanitianDJ » 27 Oct 2021, 00:42

Catalog Number: IAH063
Release Date: 04-11-2021
Format: Digital

01. Brighter Day (Toneshifterz Remix)

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ZanitianDJ (21)
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Postby Shodan » 03 Nov 2021, 23:12

The greater the LIGHT, the bigger the SHADOW
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Shodan (22)
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Postby niconietom » 04 Nov 2021, 01:29

(L) (L) (L) (L) amazing!! Toneshifterz has been on fire this year _O_
niconietom (24)
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 04 Nov 2021, 10:45

Great remix !

Original is legit one of my favorite tracks of all time and this alternative version is really nice, outside of the midoutro tbh
lilfrenchidiot (25)
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Postby Emre » 04 Nov 2021, 14:39

Original is way better imo, meh remix. But that's probably partly bias from my side because I absolutely love the original. Original melody is way better and more unique imo. And yeah, the mid-outro of this remix.. just doesn't fit at all.
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Postby ceero » 04 Nov 2021, 15:24

Yea this is quite decent :) Agree that the original is easily one of the best HS tracks ever and this does justice to it. Cool remake :)
But yeah, also got to agree about that outro - huge wtf. Each of those kicks are sweet on their own and I would love to have a track with normal intro/outro with each of them, but pls keep this autistic 'gotta have 17 different kicks in 32 bars section of a track' to the gearbox producers, it's easier to ignore it there :+
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ceero (29)
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Postby Spaceman » 05 Nov 2021, 18:36

Great remix :dance: , but indeed the original is better.
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