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Noisecontrollers Megamix (30 tracks/1 hour)

For all separate Hardstyle mixes (please post mix series in Radioshows & Podcasts)
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Doctor Dave
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Noisecontrollers Megamix (30 tracks/1 hour)

Post by Doctor Dave »

Here we are then, my Noisecontrollers tribute:

01: Aliens
02: Marlboro Man
03: Astral
04: We Live For The Music Rmx
05: Addictive Fantasy
06: Promises
07: Attack Again
08: Venom
09: Jaydee (feat. Toneshifterz)
10: Crump
11: Empire Of The Sun (feat. Toneshifterz)
12: The Space We Created (feat. Headhunterz)
13: Creatures
14: Revolution Is Here
15: Shreek
16: Delomelancum (feat. Zany)
17: Rushroom
18: Always Black (feat. Brainkicker)
19: Tonight (feat. Headhunterz & Wildstylez)
20: Ctrl-Alt-Del
21: Surge Of Power
22: Paranoid (feat. Zany)
23: One Blade Rmx
24: Gods & Symbols Rmx
25: Bassleader Anthem
26: Samara
27: Hocus Pocus
28: Night After Night
29: Yellow Minute
30: Forever Az One Rmx (Edit)

plus there's a preview of Faster n Further at the end!

Get it in iTunes (search for the doctor dave show in the itunes store if you haven't already subscribed) or directly here: http://bassbyte.com/doctordave/podcast/ ... -10%29.MP3

I hope all the NC fans enjoy, and if you're not already a fan, give it a go anyway, it will convert you!!

I'm planning a Headhunterz one of these soon, and maybe a Wildstylez one if I can find 30 tracks I like. And of course, eventually, another NCs one!
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Morten K
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Post by Morten K »

i actually also had the thought about mixing a noisecontrollers tribute set!
Will get this for sure.

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