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Zany - DNA [Q-Dance]

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Postby dolanpls » 19 Jun 2019, 22:54

dolanpls:Only the DR one sounds good. This style was decent 10 years ago, but not my cup of tea anymore. Boring

Nothing personal but wtf u talking about... seriously? :) I never experienced something better than classic Fusion sound

Already loving that album!

It just sounds so outdated and boring to me, nothing more to add to it :/ I understand that people like this stuff because of nostalgia and the style itself, but this style is just not for me anymore. :)
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Postby ThePrincipal » 20 Jun 2019, 01:22

going to be a big statement this album. Quality and "not putting things in boxes" will stand out - hopefully it will remove the shit quality stuff in the process others are making

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Postby NEKA » 20 Jun 2019, 03:40

These all sound so good!!! _O_
This sort of sound has been missing from the current scene,
can't wait to hear the full tracks!
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Postby Bohemian » 20 Jun 2019, 06:56

And a new Donkey track
Im so excited <3
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Postby Tomix » 20 Jun 2019, 10:20

So much nostalgia in here (L)
I guess this won't be the most well-received or popular album but a pure hidden gem among modern days HS albums. Glad to see him dare to go back to the old days :one:
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Tomix (29)
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Postby nuttyt » 20 Jun 2019, 14:00

This is sounding great from that teaser
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Postby Cryoren » 20 Jun 2019, 15:53

Back 2 oldschool <3

You can't tame this energy inside
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Postby mrcax5 » 21 Jun 2019, 16:45

First single, Wolf _O_ _O_ _O_ (L)
This is what i needed, real straight simple fucking hardstyle.
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Postby Qobalt » 21 Jun 2019, 19:38

DEFQON.1 2018 | DEFQON.1 2019

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Postby M3dia » 22 Jun 2019, 22:08

A lot of the melodies seem to be inspired by or at least remind me of existing ones... But very promising!
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 23 Jun 2019, 00:54

Still curious why this isn't on Fusion. Does Q have a monopoly now?
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Postby Qre8ive » 23 Jun 2019, 07:15

Reverse Ghost:Still curious why this isn't on Fusion. Does Q have a monopoly now?

I'd say Q-Dance records is kind of a 'general platform' for various Hardstyle releases nowadays. It would simply not be smart to put it on Fusion the way the label is now, and you can't really put Zany on Scantraxx/Dirty Workz/I AM HARDSTYLE/etc.
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 23 Jun 2019, 10:49

Dunno about Wolf tbh... Yes, it's decent and it's cool to see Zany doing something other than Freestyle but I really feel this specific style should stay in the pre-2010 years.
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Postby hardstyleprem1um » 23 Jun 2019, 15:08

Seems like he's using the same soundbank/sounds like he used in Fusion of Sound album. I can clearly hear previous sounds from that album in this track.And imo that's something i have wanted for a long time, so i'm happy :)

I have always thought to myself "Why don't they recycle the sounds and make a new track"

Just look at Guardian Angel with The Pitcher.That track has so many cool sounds that i would have loved to hear a new track with the same sounds.
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