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Phuture Noize - Phuture Propaganda [Dirty Workz]

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Postby DjPractice » 31 May 2015, 11:45

Im not really into the collabs on this one so that's probably the only difference compared to Music Rules the Noise since the collabs like Masters and Unexpected were from another planet <3
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Postby Faber93 » 31 May 2015, 17:22

Quality album imo. I don't really enjoy the collabs (apart from the one with Omegatypez) but all the other tracks are really impressive. Great work!
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Postby Deadwood » 31 May 2015, 17:26

1. Phuture Propaganda (Prelude) 9/10
2. Freedom 7/10
3. Don't Give (Ft Omegatypez) 5/10
4. Hope 8.5/10
5. Lost Control 7.5/10
6. The Responsibility 7.0/10
7. Who (Ft Endymion) 8.5/10
8. Paranoid (Ft Ran-D) 8.5/10
9. Everywhere (Ft. Hard Driver) 10/10
10. Terrordome 10/10
11. Phuture Propaganda (Part 2) 6.5/10
12. Robots To The System 9/10
13. Time Moves On 8.0/10

Great album, should beat the NC one _O_
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Postby DirtyTok » 31 May 2015, 21:52

Okey.. Im actually gonna buy this album too, even though i just liked like 4-5 earlier tracks they did. And then i will back with a full review :) the little teaser made me curious
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Postby Bohemian » 01 Jun 2015, 12:55

Loving this shit :-p what an album !!!

Would love to see a collab with Shellshock one day
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Postby adamross » 01 Jun 2015, 14:50

Amazing album, there are some really epic ideas, had some goosebumps, i will write my little review soon :)
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Postby Malgranda » 01 Jun 2015, 15:46

Not a lot of tracks I really like on this album but Terrordome, The Responsibility, Everywhere and Robots of the System are out of this world though _O_
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Postby solarized » 04 Jun 2015, 12:34

  1. Phuture Propaganda (Prelude) - 8/10
  2. Freedom - 8.5/10
  3. Don't Give Up (X Omegatypez) - 9/10
  4. Hope - 8/10
  5. Lost Control - 9.5/10
  6. The Responsibility - 10/10
  7. Who (x Endymion) - 7.5/10
  8. Paranoid (x Ran-D) - 7.5/10
  9. Everywhere (x Hard Driver)8.5/10
  10. Terrordome - 9/10
  11. Phuture Propaganda (x MC DL) - 7.5/10
  12. Robots To The System - 10/10
  13. Time Moves On - 7/10

I absolutely adore this album. The feeling it gives throughout the entire CD is just absolutely fantastic. Every track has been well thought out and produced perfectly! The little interlude bits, really set up the atmosphere and add to the all round experience. Phuture Noize have created a masterpiece here!!

Overall mark = 8.46/10 <- That is an astoundingly good rating! I don't think i've ever rated an album where there hasn't been a track under 7/10! Stunning

To Hypnotize = 8.75/10
To Corrupt = 8.4/10
To Govern = 8.4/10
Solo Tracks = 8.75/10
Collab Tracks = 8/10
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Postby Vioda » 10 Jun 2015, 10:42

Terrordome Terrordome Terrordome Terrordome Terrordome Terrordome Terrordome (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L)
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Postby 123098man » 15 Jun 2015, 03:31

This album is amazing!
With all this talk about which song is the best, I decided to create a poll to see what everyone's opinion is. That way I would have to navigate through all the pages. :)
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Postby Bluemind » 17 Jun 2015, 22:07

This album... _O_ _O_ _O_
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Postby MuSiCkiLL8or » 27 Jun 2015, 02:16

Phuture Noize:
Zak:I really hope that the piano melody in "To corrupt" will be used in an actual track of the album :dunno:

The trailer music is going to be the "guide" through the album. So yes it's on the album as a track, but not a hardstyle track.

The melody we used in the To corrupt trailer is from our first solotrack ever called Sleep. We wanted to have something cool and nostalgia for the people that followed us since then.

Ha, I recognized it xD
It was my first track together with coma which I heard from you guys but I didn't know it was your first but good to know :)
It is indeed very nostalgic (L)

btw awesome album ofc :)
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Postby Chicomaster » 03 Aug 2015, 21:30

Really cool album, quality productions and collabs, good vibes and drive through the album, nice work done, it's original, still has the PHN sound and i really like it (H)
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Postby Grape » 01 Sep 2015, 00:14

i don't want to rate every single track now, but after listening to this CD many times in the car, i have to say, for me it probably is the best full album since activator - authentic style. i never had the feeling, that i have to skip one single track. and this is something special imo. at the beginning i always waited for terrordrome and the following tracks, but i learned to love the first part of the cd quite as much as the track i already loved before listening to the whole cd before.

didn't expected such a perfect packet of a hardstyle CD in a pretty modern style this year _O_ _O_ _O_ (L)

i'll just leave the emotional part of this kind of "review" , if you want to call it one :+ . some tracks gives me the same emotions like the tracks back in 2008, even if they are totally different. sth. i really missed the past to years, especially in this frequency. and now give me the fanboy stamp :+ :+ (btw i didn't really like "music rules the noize" :p )
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Postby Bomberz » 11 Sep 2015, 16:04

New version of Ran-D & Phuture Noize - Paranoid and it is MUCH different, the mid intro is completely new and it sounds better if you ask me. It seems that this is how the full track will sound.

First track
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