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Caine - Requital [self released?]

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Postby ceero » 05 Nov 2015, 16:08

Label: self released?
Catalog Number: TBA
Release Date: 09-11-2015
Format: digital on bandcamp
Source: Facebookpost
Show spoiler
Caine:So stoked to finally reveal my first Album - Requital! its been a long time but the wait is finally over! it will be available for Digital Download on 09/11/15 on Band Camp! All proceedings will be going towards Macmillan Cancer Support I'm sure many of us here have lost a loved one or have witnessed a loved one suffer from this terrible illness, i myself have lost loved ones very close to me and know people who have suffered from it. The reason i have chosen to support Macmillan Cancer Support is due to the amazing work they do on a day to day basis to help people who are suffering from Cancer. Not only this but 98% of their funding is from public donations. I'm overwhelmed with the support I've been given by my fans the past years and i feel like its time to give something back to help make a difference.
The album has 10 tracks 6 of which have never been released and 4 that have been re-mastered. It will be for sale at a price of £5, if you're feeling generous and want to support the cause then you can dig a little deeper, I've left that option up to you!
A massive thank you to Dj Thera for mastering the tracks to make this possible and also to Fresh Minimal who supplied the Artwork & New Logo and of course, to you, my fans! without you this wouldn't be possible smile emoticon
Dedicated to my Grand Mother and Grand Father who both lost their lives to cancer, forever in my heart heart emoticon
Please share to show your support, remember you're not only supporting me but this great charity as well!
Previews will come in the following days!
Much love to you all,

Official Previews

01. Caine & Enyqma - Amnesia
02. Caine - 2nd Coming
03. Caine - The Awakening
04. Caine - Lustrous
05. Caine & Chimera - Face Us
06. Caine - Soulless
07. Caine - Space & Matter
08. Caine & Denzy - Muttants
09. Caine - The Night Train
10. Caine & Denzy - The Number One (The Number Two Mix)
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Postby macdz » 05 Nov 2015, 23:38

What a great guy. I am buying it. Since I haven't been collecting any mp3s anymore...I can give it to someone else. Feel free to drop a line if anything :)
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Postby M2PWNS » 05 Nov 2015, 23:54

Can't wait for this one. Seems like he signed to a label according to his FB posts.
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Postby akachaostheory » 06 Nov 2015, 19:09

I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
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Postby macdz » 06 Nov 2015, 21:20

He looks like Santa behind the bars.
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Postby nerz » 07 Nov 2015, 11:32

the reverb is strong with this one.
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Postby DjVero » 07 Nov 2015, 12:10

Even though I'm 100% anti screech-fest in tracks I gotta The Night Train is fucking awesome _O_
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Postby Rigosen » 12 Nov 2015, 17:03

good album :)
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Postby macdz » 13 Nov 2015, 10:21

Space and Matter is high quality stuff.
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